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Your Guide To The Perfect Watch: Tips To Buy A Watch

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Buying a watch today is a taxing task. You are most likely to be bewildered by the variety of choices presented in catalogues, jewelry shops, shopping portals or even watch parlors. Not only there are numerous timepieces to choose from, but also to find the right type of watch in a particular price range can be daunting. Whether you prefer timeless luxury watches or hottest sports collection, we’ve got you covered. The best watches weigh on trendiness, brand name recognition and visual appeal. Read on to learn the tips about buying modern watches.

Choosing the right style and size

It’s critical to choose the right style and size of the dial before zeroing it down. A woman’s wrist usually ranges from 5-7 inches in circumference. Which means you should usually opt for watches that have a diameter anywhere between 22-34mm unless you want to pick a huge dial on demand. You should also consider that its size also depends on whether the watch is for daily use or is treated as a fashion jewelry. Fashion watches that suits best are designed with really small or largely oversized dials while sports or casual watches have large-wider dials.

Consider the movement

You can choose from a lot different watch movements, but mechanically and quartz are the most common options for women. A mechanical movement watch is carefully crafted. However, they can sometimes lose time and are not as precise as quartz watches are. Quartz watches are a more reliable and less costly type which is a good pick for daily wear. But if you’re looking over a piece of inheritance, mechanical watches will own you an enormous appeal. One of the most famous brand of mechanical watches for women is Girard Perregaux.

Sift the material

How to choose the watch that suits you? It all depends on the look and material of the watch. It’s critical to examine the material of the watch to pick up a watch of your choice. Gold jewelry has always been in demand and now with the other variants coming in like rose gold, pink gold, and platinum gold, these watches has become a fad. Stainless steel is a widely used material in watches while ceramic is increasingly being used in modern designs. Ceramic watches make for a more practical choice as they don’t scratch and give you a polished and elegant look. You can find some beautiful timepieces from brands such as Fossil, Rado and Rolex if that suits your budget.

What’s your choice: STRAP OR BRACELET?

So what’s your pick, a strap watch or a bracelet? Bracelets play the norm in jewelry, watches and make for the perfect formal watch. They can be in a single, double or linked band in stainless steel, gold or heavily studded watch. On the other hand, straps are usually in leather which look undeniably chic and corporate. Apart from a leather strap, you can also opt for rubber or denim straps which look utterly exotic as a casual/daily wear watch. They also come in a variety of colors and unique designs to leave you spoilt for choices. If you want to have a collectable and are ready to spend some hard cash, you can opt for the diamond studded watch by Chopard La Strada.

Pro Tip: Choose a watch that has an interchangeable band so you have a choice to choose between dressy and elegant.

Spoilt for Color Choice

We as a woman, all know the power of color. We not only, just like vibrancy, but also know how to accessorize accordingly. The color of the watch is an important aspect while making a choice. For example: we agree that a white watch will look more appealing on the hands of a woman of a fairer skin tone as compared to the one who’s slightly on the duskier tone. Similarly, black watches complement dusky skin women with bold physical features as compared to a woman of fairer skin color. However, you can go for a safe choice with neutral colors like silver or beige. Which pair up well with a variety of Indian skin tones also keeping in mind the physical characteristics of Indian women. Own an upscale, gold and platinum watches are also a great choice as they tend to blend in seamlessly, though they are quite expensive. If you are one of the mavericks, you can also pick some pop colors like yellow, red, pink and blue to add that solid amount of extra to your look. Now, color is a very personal and emotional aspect, choose accordingly.

Hope you liked our tips on how to choose your perfect timepiece!

Happy Shopping people!