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Work from Home: Tips on How to Stay Motivated

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work from home
.work from home

With a growing abundance of virtual offices in the Philippines, more and more companies are starting to offer remote work to applicants. Chances are that you’ve taken a job or are interested in one with this kind of work program. You may wonder why this is becoming a trend since you often find yourself too distracted to work when you are home. How could you possibly work properly when your bed and TV are so nearby? The truth is it’s all about mindset and putting yourself in the working mood. Here are a few tips for you to do so.

Have a Schedule to work from home

What most remote workers fail to understand is that they must still follow a schedule even if the work program has flexible times. This is the key to remaining productive even when working at home. The time that you start your work, take your breaks, and log out of the tracking system. This is what you need in order to maintain a good work ethic and a perfect work-life balance. Once you have this schedule stick to – set daily alarms if you need to – and do all of your tasks within these hours.

Use the Right Tools

Different people have different preferences and not all tools are ergonomic and efficient for everyone. Sometimes this can hinder a worker’s productivity especially when they are left to use a device that is not to their liking. In-office workers can’t complain since such devices provided for by the company. In remote work, you can choose your preferred device especially since you’ll be using personal equipment. Use the medium you are most comfortable with so you aren’t distracted by things like little keyboards and non- ergonomic designs.

Remove Distractions

Along the lines of distractions, the place where you work should be an environment where you are not prone to the distractions that appeal to you; i.e. some like their surroundings noisy while others like it quiet. Find what works best for you and stick with it. Inside the home, anywhere without a TV would be great while a library is a cost efficient option out of the home.

Don’t Visit Websites That Are Not Work Related

Remember that remote work is a luxury that most don’t get to enjoy and you’re lucky if your company offers this work program. As a sign of gratitude and appreciation, you should only do work and work alone during the work hours. This means that, even if the work is based on using the internet, social media and other personal websites must be put on hold unless on lunch or break. Doing this will actually get you to do your work faster.

Have a Good Mindset

When you work, it should feel like you’re in work mode. This means that you have to adapt your mood and environment. A few great changes you can make are the following:

  • Tell your family that you cannot be bothered during work hours; meaning you cannot do random errands and chores.
  • Take a shower and get out of your pajamas. Doing this is the biggest mood shift you can make from a resting mood to a working one.

Prepare coffee so that you start your day with an energy boost and always have a source of quick energy.

work from home
work from home

In general, a good work ethic is essential for any job but most especially remote work. Because physical presence of a supervisor is lacked, you will need to do it yourself by having a schedule, good daily work practices, a great mindset, using the right tools, and removing any and all distractions when you work. Remember that it is a privilege to work remotely and you should be grateful by delivering you work efficiently.