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Why Should You be Careful about the Competencies of Your Employees

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Business world is getting really challenging and it gets important that the employees have all the traits and qualities that a good candidates should have. There are plenty of things that can be done to ensure that the employees are an asset for the organization. Have you ever through about the behavioural capabilities?

Well, talking about behavioural competencies,  these are made up of behavioural attribute such as skill set, knowledge,  teamwork, technical know-how, leadership skills and so on that contributes to the enhancement of an individual in the organization to take up larger roles. These competencies can be applied to separate people at all levels that simply means that it is not limited to just top, middle, or lower level.

What are these used for?

Behaviour Competency is used to improve the competency of employees at all the designations in the organization for smoother transition of workflow. It is not just only to career, but personal life too. It encompasses traits that an individual has or should possess to be successful. You know to measure behaviour competency is a hard job for any human resource manager, but because of a more complicated structure in the organization nowadays, it has turned out to be very important for individuals to possess a good and healthy relationship with folks across departments. It might surprise you that at many organizations, it is even a part of their appraisal as well.

Why do companies need it?

It is simply because it plays a vital role during the time of succession planning, workforce planning, and training and development. To put it in a different way, behavioural competency is the type of skill set that an individual must have so that he or she can fulfil the aims and goals of the organization. Of course the authorities and employers in the companies do expect their employees to have these skills and traits. After all, it all leads to better development of organization.

There are five basic kinds of competencies:

  • Individual Competencies
  • Interpersonal Competencies
  • Managerial Competencies
  • Motivational Competencies
  • Analytical Competencies.

These all competencies are really important and productive.  Amidst these all, Individual competencies are the ones wherein the attributes of the individual matter such as decision-making, confidence, working with teams, self-motivation skills, know-how and so on.

Then talking about managerial competencies, these are the ones wherein  an individual should must have attributes such as leadership skills, quick decision-making, managing people/teams,  addressing problems, strategic planning and analytical skills. Then the analytical competencies include attributes such as working with numbers, data analytics, problem solving abilities with data set, and the technical know-how.

When you speak of interpersonal competencies, these involve attributes such as communication skills, high energy levels, teamwork, persuasiveness, and tackling with problems.Similarly motivational competencies are the competencies that include attributes such as being a motivator, involving others in taking more initiatives, taking initiatives and leading by example.

Why do employers look for these competencies in their employees?

It is important that you have these competencies in your employees. These all competencies like individual competencies, interpersonal competencies, motivational competencies and so on play a great role in day today working. Now what is the point if your employees take no initiative? It would be harmful for the entire organization.  There are always instances when the staff members are expected to take initiative. If they don’t take any initiatives, it would be harmful for the organization.

Then it too makes no sense if your employees have no decision making attributes. There are always instances when the employees are expected to take decisions. What is the point if the project gets slipped from the hand because of the late decision? Of course, today the decisions have to be taken promptly otherwise things get slipped from your plate. Of course, if your employees are capable, skilled and have decision making attributes, they would never let anything slip from the treasury of the organization.

Again, motivation is an important thing that has to be in every organization. If your employees don’t have motivation to do or grow or to achieve great heights; it would be really unimpressive. Of course, in the absence of motivation, things cannot be carried out with utmost productivity. Of course, there has to be professionalism and affectivity in every area. If the employees are not capable enough to stay motivated even during the tough times, it might leave a negative impression on the fellow employees. It gets the responsibility of the organization to have only such employees who are dedicated and motivated. Skills and knowledge stands nil in the absence of proper motivation.

Teamwork is important

Whether you talk about the big companies, smaller ones or just the start-ups; you would find teams working together. Groups and teams are in the trend. Companies make sure thatthey have professional employees that are capable of working effectively in teams. For working in a team, a person should have attributes of teamwork that is a part of inter-personal competencies. Once a staff member is equipped with inter-personal competencies; it would be effective for the entire working environment and organization as a whole. If even IA single person works inattentively in the team, it would be harmful for the organization. Things can go wrong in the presence of ineffective employees. There has to be cohesiveness in the organization and only then big things can be achieved.

Leadership qualities

Any higher or important designation in your organization would demand leadership. No matter how many employees or staff members working under a manager or team head; he has to possess those skills of leadership. He should have managerial competencies. It would not be good if the manager lacks leadership qualities and he hesitates to take a step because he is confused about the things to do.  The team would definitely underplay in the leadership of such a shallow manager or leader.


Thus, it is time that you go for professional skills in your employees. Once you have a test in your recruitment program to assess the behavioural capabilities of your employees; you can make a better choice.