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Why car covers are necessary like tires in a car

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A car cover is a protective cloth which is generally used to protect the car against lot of elements that may change or affect the cars looks in a bad way. When a vehicle is not being used and taken care of for a longer period of time i.e. not cleaned and wiped regularly, a car cover can still keep that vehicle dust as well as dirt free.

car coversWhat is car cover made of?

A car cover is usually made up of a very large sheet of a certain material cloth or fabric depending upon on the conditions that the car has to endure. The shape of the custom car cover is cut and stitched to give it the shape of the car itself for which the car cover is to be made of. Ford outdoor car cover however can be used for almost also ford cars of the same type for example Ford sedans car covers can be used for all ford sedan cars in general.

Why use car covers?

  • Most people do not have the luxury of owning a garage and a car port so they have to park their car outside, thus the car is exposed to the elements all year round.
  • So strong UV rays from the sun in the baking summer heat heats the exposed vehicle exteriors to a very high temperature. This leads the paintwork of the car to start getting faded and so does the rubber parts of the car.
  • Rains also play a huge part in deteriorating the exterior surface of the car by leading to corrosion of sensitive and unprotected areas of the car. Not only that but the rainwater also dries out on the paint and thus causes a lot of ugly water spotting which can be extremely difficult to remove if the car was not under the custom car cover and exposed to sunlight.
  • Winds are also a contributing factor to the deterioration of the car’s paintwork because strong winds bring with them a large amount of contaminants, dust, abrasive particles and debris which leads to scratches and marks onto the cars surface if it is not cleaned properly over a period of time.
  • Car surfaces are also exposed to low freezing temperatures, snow, and ice or even hail storms if not protected by Ford outdoor car cover.
  • Some unlikely but still plausible situations like bird excreta, tree sap and industrial smoke and particulate matter can pose a great threat to the exterior of one’s car.

All of this and more all combine together to degrade, lighten, oxidize, and corrode the paintwork and exterior and interior parts of one’s car.

Over time, all of these things combine to degrade, dull, oxidize, corrode and prematurely age the paintwork and exterior parts of your car. Hence suitable car covers are extremely necessary to save individual from getting additional extra car maintenance costs.

Not only the exterior of the car but the paint of the dashboard of the car also fades away which is why best dash covers should only be used for the car.