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WhatsApp has a new and Stylish fonts; know how to use them all

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The new font is called FixedSys, and is fairly simple to use.

WhatsApp has been making headlines ever since they announced that the messaging platform will be completely free for use. In fact, the Facebook Inc-owned company has been constantly in the news with facts, leaks and rumours about its upcoming features. For now, WhatsApp’s most awaited feature, after voice calling, is video calling.While we are waiting for the final version (or beta release) of the video calling option, WhatsApp has quietly introduced a new font in its beta release.Today’s update also lets you bold, strikethrough, or italicize text should you want to make your messages a little more snazzy. It works like the stylization tools previously available on WhatsApp’s Web client, just now ported over to the mobile versions.whatsapp new fontsIt’s a little more awkward to type via mobile, but an option if you absolutely need to add emphasis to your message. The same stylizations work for other messaging clients, such as Slack, so if you already know the trick, it should be easy to apply the change.You’ll also now be able to select a group chat thread or multiple contacts and hold for more options, such as muting, archiving, marking as unread, or leaving the group. Lastly, there are more custom wallpaper options added with this update, such as solid colors if you prefer something minimal.

How To Implement These New Features In whatsapp :

For Bold : use *

Example: *This is a test message*

For Italics : use _

Example: _This is a test message_

For Strikethrough :  use  ~

Example: ~This is a test message~

For FixedSys font : use “`

Example: “`This is a test message“`

Character for FixedSys font can be found before the number 1 key on a regular desktop or laptop keyboard :whatsapp new fontsUsing the font is simple, but users would need little patience finding the character for FixedSys font on the onscreen keyboard:whatsapp new fontsThank you For Reading My Post And i Will Come Again With An New Interesting Topic, Stay Connected with Us.