What is body language?

What is body language?

Hello, friends, welcome to getbigidea Do you know what is body language? if not don’t worry here is the solution for you.

Dear readers my next article will be how to improve body language? Today I am going to describe what is body language?

What is body language?

what is body language

Body language can be defined as the series of gestures and movements we make with our face, head, arms and indeed our whole bodies, to signals thoughts and feelings.

Our body language can say a lot about how we feel. One can read other’s thoughts by their gestures.

Often we say the face is the index of the mind. Your face can tell what you are at that moment. From a man’s face, one can read his character.

As Ben Jonson said a man is read his face. A face can exhibit fear, anger, disgust, sadness and happiness. Our faces are open books.

what is body language

Interesting facts of body language

  • Sometimes the eyes speak. Poet describes a woman’s eyes as fish eyes. Her eyes twinkle like stars’ thus compares a poet.
  • Women gaze longer than men. The longer gaze may indicate a need for approval. When a woman interested in a man she blinks more.
  • Thus body gestures convey the feelings of a person. So the body has a language. We use our tongue to convey a message or an information to a person or a group of persons, attitude. For example, a smile of a person can tell that he is happy.
  • Your face is not just the appearance. It is a significant indicator of what you have been, you are and you will be.
  • Have you seen actors? Imagine how they show facial expressions for various feelings. We communicate more with our face than any other creature.
  • Our vocabulary of facial expressions is too large for most animals to master.

Can we understand what is body language?

Body language is a language we all know. It is the silent language. It is all around us. Actually, many of us do not know that we know body language.

Body language none of us know how we learned it. But still, we understand other’s body language or their nonverbal behavior. It may delight you or hurts you. Somehow we react to it. Body language is the science of nonverbal behavior. There is an adage which tells actions to speak louder than words.

Yes, it is true. There is a Japanese Proverb which says –beware throughout your life of judging people by their appearance. But sometimes we cannot judge of others. We already know that all glitters are not gold.

A Chinese proverb says –Three-tenths of good appearances are due to nature seven-tenths to dress.

Money has a direct relation with the gesture. An English proverb tells us that wrinkled purses make a wrinkled face.

We say that the first impression is the best impression it is because the first impression brings in a tremendous amount of the data our brain computers rate and store in a permanent data bank.

So, body language may reveal anything about us. There is much importance of body language in today’s society.

Be careful when you use the language. By your body language, in spite of your intelligence, you may not get a job.

Even though you are not the best scorer, you may get a good job by your nonverbal behavior. This nonverbal behavior plays a great role. The study of it is a skill.

You have to improve your body language if you have found that it is not up to the expectations of others.

Then how to know it? Why? Don’t you know that before people started speaking languages, gestures were the only medium of communication and of revealing one’s intentions?

However, in these days, it is not sure that a person speaks from the depth heart. it is even possible that he feels contrary to what he says verbally.

but the body language cannot mislead. However, we need long practice and a close study at gestures to make sure that they are the true reflection of one’s thoughts.

I hope the article about what is body language? will help you to understand actually what is body language? in next article, I will show you how to improve body language? if like this please share with your friends and family.


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