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A Typical Paraglider Pilot? No Such Thing!

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Just what’s a typical paraglider pilot? The short answer is ‘there area unit none’. the marginally longer answer could be ‘well, plenty of them appear to be guys in their 30s or 40s’. Surprised? is not paragliding one in every of those shuddery, risky, extraordinary activities trendy with the young and daring? No, it’s not very, though there’s some potential for danger as in any kind of flying.

So do not expect to travel to a paragliding location and notice pilots fitting some form of Extreme Sports stereotype. Being a lot of of associate aviation sport, and comparatively low cost and straightforward to urge into, paragliding will attract a good kind of participants. You too might learn to paraglide and amaze your friends!

Europe is wherever it all started, and it’s there that you simply area unit a lot of doubtless to identify some fascinating, umm, extremes within the sport. in this corner of the globe, children’s camps generally embrace paragliding as associate activity! At the opposite finish of the spectrum, there area unit several older pilots. That is, those well past retirement age! What higher thanks to keep life fascinating.

Heck, I’ve even seen a video clip of a dog going for a ride, clipped into a special dog harness aboard the pilot. surprise what proportion flying time a shepherd dog has to log before going solo. Hey, do not laugh, paragliding is nearly that easy!

Pilots From several Angles

Just for fun, let’s do a fast check of some doable classes for paraglider pilots.

Age is one, definitely. I’ve already mentioned however the terribly young to the terribly recent will fly. Weight is another. very little men or slightly-built women flying their bottom-of-the-size-range XXS wings. looks like a shirt size does not it.. all through to individuals of substance World Health Organization area unit an excessive amount of for love or money however a cycle paraglider. Yes, a wing truly engineered for 2. What else? status after all, since this can be a world sport. though birthed in Europe, and hottest over there, each continent on the earth has its paragliding fanatics.

What regarding disability? sure as shooting not! American state affirmative, some firms area unit actively serving to wheel-chair-bound individuals into the air. All it takes could be a few operating arms in any case, to use the paraglider’s brake toggles. perhaps only 1 a lot of class, gender is a lucid one. as was common in flying sports, there area unit much more men than girls in paragliding despite gender giving no special profit for flying. If something, girls area unit faster to select up the desired careful and precise kind of victimisation the controls.

That close to covers the most angles on the variability to be found in paragliding pilots. currently for a few real examples, some specifics.


Particularly in Europe, you’ll observe individuals in a very wide selection more matured teams flying their paragliders. Even all the means back in 1994 there have been some young pilots. in this year a fourteen year recent in Republic of Bulgaria became their youngest paraglider pilot. He had twenty nine flights to his credit at that tender age.

In Israel, paragliding has some history, beginning with the Zoom Club pioneering efforts of Yair Shachar. He successively schooled an explicit Baruch Gurwitz to fly, at the age of 70! really, in 1998 Baruch attained associate entry within the Guinness Book of Records because the world’s oldest paraglider pilot. paragliding Israel. That record has not lasted though! Since then, a brief film has been created regarding the exploits of a seventy nine year recent Polish pilot. Miroslaw Dembinski made the film, winning a prize within the urban center Mountain festival.

Being a pilot is one issue, however after all age is even less of a barrier once you area unit solely a passenger! I chanced on one paragliding faculty that recorded the names of 2 exceptional passengers. ninety five year recent Hannes Taugwalder for one, and additionally an explicit Zoe Schmid, somewhat girl of two ½!


Just to provide you some plan of the load vary on the market to paraglider pilots, here’s a handful of real paraglider styles for instance. Firstly, the star cub wing is on the market in five completely different sizes. the littlest is that the XXS. further further little. good for a featherweight pilot, presumably feminine, World Health Organization weighs in at fifty five kilograms (about a hundred and twenty pounds) able to fly. that is right, that weight includes harness, helmet and the other gear she is also carrying.

At the opposite finish of the dimensions, very giant pilots will really use a cycle paraglider that is generally used for taking passengers. So, in theory, massive Bertha or mammoth Joe World Health Organization weighs two hundred kilograms (about 440 pounds), might placed on ten kilograms (22 pounds) of flying gear and choose a delicate float within the Bio-Air Bi-Bio forty two. this can be a typical cycle paraglider.

Now for alittle of trifle. the largest sports paraglider of all time was a natural event style with a twenty meter (66 feet) distance, used for motion-picture photography a automobile commercial! This terribly special strengthened wing had to hold a thumping 600 kilograms (over 1300 pounds), when being born from a Lama heavy-lift eggbeater. a true Audi A6 Allroad vehicle was recorded floating through the sky underneath this paraglider, against spectacular mountain scenery.