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Top Six WhatsApp Features you may not know about

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WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger in India, and in many parts of the world. There are many things that we would like to see in WhatsApp, but the fact is that the Facebook-owned company has been making a lot of constant improvements. Today, you can do things like make a video call, or add a GIF, and more. top six Whatsapp features may not know that you may not know about, but they’ll come in handy.

top six Whatsapp features may not know


top six Whatsapp features may not know


6) Message from a user in a group to get their attention

Finally, by adding a @name to a WhatsApp group conversation, you can alert other users that they have been mentioned within a group, similar to @mentions on Twitter.

So there you have it. Here’s hoping you discovered a useful WhatsApp feature or two that will make your usage better. Do you have your own trick to share? Let the world know via comments below. this is 6th feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know.


5) Manipulate text for better emphasis

There is some syntax that you can apply to manipulate text to improve the emphasis on WhatsApp. For example, applying an asterisk before and afterwords (for example, *, as well as *), causes them to appear in bold in the WhatsApp conversation. Similarly, adding underscores (for example, like this) causes the text to appear in italics, and the words enclosed within two tilde symbols (~) attack them. this is 5th feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know

4) Listen to voice messages discreetly

Some people prefer to send WhatsApp voice messages instead of writing text. A common problem with this is that by pressing the “play” button, the voice message will be played back on the speaker by default. This can be a problem when you are in the neighborhood of others and would prefer if you did not hear it.

The solution is simple: simply press the “Play” button and place the phone in your ear – it will automatically switch from the speaker to the headset and play WhatsApp voicemail there. this is top 4Th feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know 

3) Find out who has read your message in a group chat

In a one-on-one conversation, it’s easy to find out if the recipient has read your WhatsApp message, thanks to the double blue symbol. But in a WhatsApp group conversation, it is not so obvious to say who exactly in the group has read your message. There is actually an easy way to find this: press and hold the message and press the “i” button on top of Android (“info” on an iPhone). Here, you’ll see how many people in the WhatsApp group have read this particular message. In iOS, you can also hold down and drag the message to the left to go to that menu. this  is top 3rd feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know 

2) Reply to a specific message in a group chat

This could have occurred to you – as long as the conversation, you answer a little later, and leave the other side wondering about the context. In WhatsApp conversations, hold down a particular line of text and press the back arrow button at the top of Android (or press “Reply” on an iPhone). This allows you to cite the particular message in a conversation, about which you can comment. Also, if you click on a quoted WhatsApp response, the conversation will move to the original message position. this is top 2nd feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know 

1) Two-factor authentication

WhatsApp launched two-factor authentication for their chat service. If you remember, there is no username and password you need to use WhatsApp. Just write your phone number and verify it via an OTP SMS. If someone steals your phone, even if the phone is locked, they could take out your SIM card and put it on a different phone. With just a lot of effort, they would have access to their WhatsApp account, since only an SMS is required to verify the new phone. By enabling two-factor authentication, you can protect yourself from this fraudulent behavior by asking you to set up a six-digit code, which WhatsApp will ask you for each time you try to re-verify your account. And in case you forget your access code, there is a way to reset it via email as well. this is the first and best feature of top six Whatsapp features may not know.