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Top 5 alternatives of Whatsapp with better features

Top Alternatives of Whatsapp you wanna try

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Hey, guys are you looking for the better messaging app than WhatsApp, you are at the right place here are Top 5 alternatives of Whatsapp with better features.

There are plenty of Whatsapp Alternative messaging Apps out there with a lot of specific and unique features. Choosing the best Alternative for WhatsApp hugely depends on your needs, security, privacy.

here I suggest 5 applications which are providing more features, encrypted messaging and full privacy option:

  1. Telegram

    Telegram Logo

Telegram is free, non-profit cloud based instant messaging service.users can send messages and exchange photos, video, stickers, audio and files of any type.This messaging app provides optional end to end encrypted messaging.

The telegram also introduced its own voice calls in the end of March 2017. The best feature of this application is secret chats.These messages are encrypted.

The messages sent within a secret can be accessed only on the device upon which the secret chat was initiated and the device upon which the secret chat was accepted.
A telegram can operate on the android, IOS, windows phone, windows NT, mac OS, and Linux.


  1. Viber

    Viber Logo

Viber is also free IM application, similar to WhatsApp it uses users contacts to identify users.This application can send messages, and also images, videos, and audio messages by sending files to each other.we can do voice calls by Viber.

Viber was initially released for ios in 2010.To compete with skype an Android version was launched in 2012.viber is also available for blackberry and windows operating systems.
Viber can be operated on ios, windows, blackberry, Linux and Symbian.


  1. WeChat


WeChat is Chinese social media, developed by Tencent. in the year of 2011 WeChat is released.according to 2017 study, it was the enormous standalone messaging app. Every month it has 963 million new active users
features of WeChat is messaging, hold to talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing, games, and also we can share photos and videos and also location.

Registration is similar to WhatsApp, we can start by entering the number, and it will send verification code. And also then we can connect it to Facebook or email account to let people find you more easily.
WeChat can operate on IOS, android, windows phone, blackberry, Nokia.


  1. Line

    Line Logo

LINE is a Japanese application for instant messaging for smartphone and computers, by using LINE we can make voice calls and also send free messages, we can make VoIP conversations and video conferences. And also we can share emotions by using emoticons and also stickers.

The line was launched in the year of 2011, this was originally developed as a mobile app for ios and android smart phones. And also it is expanded to Blackberry (August 2012) and Nokia Asha (March 2013).

The line can operate on IOS, android, windows pc, mac OS platform.


  1. Hike

    Hike Logo

Hike messenger is an Indian instant messaging application, and also it can send text message. User can share graphical stickers, emotion, images, video, audio, files, voice messages, contact and user location.
The hike was released on 12 December 2012.

This messaging app brings free text messaging across India, chat themes, updated stickers, and hidden chats.
We can get crick buzz updates, and also it sends daily quotes, facts also jokes all the timeline of a hike, we can share status and images.

the hike can operate on IOS, android, windows phone, blackberry OS, Symbian platform.


Conclusion: So here was the list of Top 5 alternatives of Whatsapp with better features guys, let us know which one you want to use instead of WhatsApp in the comment section below.