Top 20 Exciting And Budget Friendly Date Ideas That Are Seriously Fun!

Top 20 Budget Friendly And Creative Date Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of!

Top 20 Budget Friendly And Creative Date Ideas That Are Seriously Fun!

Hello friends, This time I came up with some explicitly budget-friendly options to help keep things fun when you’re tight on cash or you have intense money goals. I’m sorry this took so long to get out to you guys. 🙂 I’ve compiled a list of 20 best  Date Ideas You’ve Never thought of, So let’s go… 

1. See what’s going on in the community:

You never know what’s happening around you and what enriching experiences are being offered for free or very cheap…  swing dancing lessons at a local church or community center?  Heck yes!  Walking architectural tour of a historic district?  Totally!

2. Take a scenic drive: 

Get out of town and head to the country side to see the trees turning color. Drive by the ocean for awhile; you may find a secluded beach to sit by! Whatever you find relaxing, give it a try while you have a conversation with your date!

3. Listen to a podcast together and learn something new:

Pause it when you hear something fascinating and talk it over together.

4. Drive-in movie theater:

Okay, so Grace and I haven’t actually tried this one yet but it’s totally on our list!

5. Thrift Shop:

have some fun and rock on over to your local thrift store to pick up some clothes you need.  You never know what you’re going to find!

6. Stage your own film festival at home:

Like the Marx Brothers?  Shaw Brothers?  How about Adam Sandler?  It doesn’t matter, whatever your favorite actor, genre or series, get under a blanket, grab some popcorn and enjoy your night in!

7. Make a meal together:

It’s my experience that the more creative you can make the meal, the more fun it is.  Try out a new superfood or put together two ethnic foods that don’t mix.  You may just find that you like tapas or sushi beside your beef Wellington!

8. Sing together at home!

9. Chess:

Admittedly I’m a chess nerd so this is our go-to but there are other board games that you guys can play and have a fun with.

10. Have friends over for a double date and play cards.

11. Stargazing:

 Pack some blankets and snacks and leave town.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

12. Picnic:

Grab some food and drink from one of your favorite stores like Trader Joe’s or Winco, then find a romantic spot to chill and hang out.  After the meal lay down together and watch the clouds drift by and talk.

13. Just go split a dessert at a fancy pants restaurant:

This is one of our personal favorites.  This is something Grace and I started doing in our poorer days when we lived in California.  We’re in better times now but we still do it.

 14. Go to the dollar theater:

  They only show movies that have already been shown in theaters once so you’ll get to see a good film a second time around or check out that one you really wanted to see but almost missed!

15. Head ice skating 

You don’t have to an Olympian to have fun on an ice skating date. Finish off the date with hot chocolate.

16. Go to the beach

Head to the beach for a day of laying out in the sun, relaxation, and getting to know someone.

17. Do something neither of you have done before

Sometimes the best dates involve doing something that neither of you have done before—taking a pottery class, riding in a helicopter, or even just trying a new restaurant.

18. Play truth or dare

Not just for seventh grade parties, an evening of truth or dare makes for a great get-to-know-you date.

19. Find a rooftop pool and go swimming

Rooftop pools are popping up everywhere from hotels to sports clubs these days. Luckily, they make for a great date spot.

20. Go exploring with your cameras

Take a camera, and head to a neighborhood you don’t know well and start exploring, snapping photos along the way.

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