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Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked!

Avoid Getting Hacked

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Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked!

I own and operate my own website, and I have to admit that at times it is no picnic. My site is over 2 years old now. It is exactly what I think about to be an online market location, some would refer to it as an auction website, but it is a lot more than that.

I have likewise opened my site to members from all over the world, which might have been an error. Whether it was or not I am not about to let some people destroy it for others. During the time my site has actually functioned it has actually been hacked numerous times.

My site has nothing to provide in the method of monetary gain and yet these individuals continue to feel the need to hack my site.

For the safety of my website, I am not mentioning the name of it in this post. No reason to supply more reward to someone else to hack it.

Which is the unfortunate fact behind why people are hacking my site? No charge card info or other monetary info is saved here.

My website and its members use pay friend and other kinds of online payment services. Those independent businesses manage the financial information.

So, they are not coming onto my site for those functions. It is hard to understand for me why anyone would want to hack a site with no means of financial gain.

They could be hacking my site to attempt and take someone’s identity, however, I do not see why they would wish to do this either.

Members do not have to register using their genuine names. The only helpful details kept on my website by members is their mailing address.

What great does that do a hacker? You certainly cannot do much in the way of identity theft with just their mailing address. So, I do not think my website is being hacked because of that either.

No, the sad reality is that my website is either excellent practice for a hacker in training, or they just have nothing much better to do.

Keep this in mind when you are attempting to determine why somebody has hacked your website. Sometimes they want nothing at all.

Their only objective is to trigger you difficulty, and they draw some amount of satisfaction from this.

I am advised of the line from Batman the Dark Knight which goes; “Some men simply want to view the world burn”.

The standard meaning is that some individuals simply do things to be mean. That is the only conclusion I might come to as to why individuals seem to delight in hacking my site.

So, if you own your very own website like me there are some things you can do to make their lives harder.

  • An essential thing you can do is to make sure you are using an excellent program. This does no good to me, due to the fact that my website is currently working.

If I had it to do all over again though, I would have picked a much better program for my website. The better the program the better the measures to prevent individuals from hacking that program.

  • Use a web hosting service that will deal with the security for you. I am going it alone because luckily I have access to my own server.

I have a relative who is in the IT service and we own a server. So, my site is on this server, but we do not have the manpower and resources to monitor our servers like the bigger companies do.

So, if you are going to have your very own site, host it with an excellent company. The bigger the business, the much better the security, and the more secure your website is.

  • Ensure your Admin panel username and password is more complicated and less foreseeable. A lot of us want to pick passwords that are simple for us to remember.

The problem with that is that we typically select names, dates, and places in some mix to form those usernames and passwords.

This makes it much easier for a hacker to access your account if you used familiar info when you produced your username and passwords. Try to select something not so apparent for username, although it is nowhere near as essential as your password.

Make sure to make sure your password is long and includes numbers and letters. Make sure to utilize both lower and upper case letters.

  • This is probably the most crucial one of all. Do not keep your info on your computer system! If somebody gains access to your computer and you have all of the info written down then the whole point of usernames and password secrecy is out the window.

I understand it seems like a smart idea to write this details down and save it in case you forget the information. If someone hacks your computer than they will have the keys to your site.

They will not need to hack, all they have to do is go to your site and utilize the details they took from your computer. I would recommend writing down all the crucial info that pertains to your website in a notepad. I have one of those day-to-day organizer books to keep all of my details in. At least if somebody steals fallout shelter hack, they are nearby. Someone you can call the cops on. Not some guy is in front of his computer in Nigeria or someplace else.

I have actually reported individuals that have actually hacked my website for many years to the FBI.

The truth is that there isn’t really much they can do about it if the hacker is sitting in the Middle East somewhere. That was the area the last hacker of my site was from. Someplace in Pakistan, I think.

I reported it merely so that the FBI has a record of the incident. If this hacker does it enough to my site and other individuals’ sites than perhaps something will be done about it.

I am not holding my breath though. I would recommend that you do the very same though. The FBI deals with computer system scams and they have a section on their site for reporting Web crimes. If somebody hacks your website than report it to them. That is how they develop cases and concern handle these individuals.

In the end, no website is 100% protected. The sad truth is that as long as website exist, hackers will exist. Using smaller sites like mine as practice until they feel they are ready to proceed to larger and better fish.

The only thing that website owners like us can do is try our best to make our sites as safe as possible. Continue to excessive the damage done to our websites when we do get hacked. Giving up is too simple.

I can imagine that any one of the hackers that hacked my website are disappointed whenever they visit to see that my website is still there. I could merely shut the whole thing down, and let them win, however, I can’t do that. I will not stop operating online merely, due to the fact that someone felt they have to produce more work for me.

So, I will keep on repairing the damage done. A word of advice. Anything you have written up about your site you ought to back up and minimize your computer. I am discussing stuff like your Terms & Arrangement, Legal Policies, Help text, and so on.

Conserve this stuff as soon as you have actually composed it up and published it on your website. I learned this the hard way.

When my site got hacked this last time the hacker felt they have to erase all of this text from my website. I needed to rewrite all of it.

So, make sure to save any part of your web text that you do not wish to need to re-write. So that if your website is hacked one day, you will at least have what you need convenient to reverse the damage.