8 Things To do at Last once in your life

Today we are talking about 8 things you need to do Before you die, in this world.

We all know we only get one life, so we better make the best of it. But, what can you do to make sure you are making  Before you die ?


Dancing in the rain is a total cliché but for good reason, Dancing in the rain is one of the best ways to free yourself from a situation, and just enjoy life in the moment, You can be alone or with someone you love, but all you have to do is just let loose.How often do you take yourself too seriously in this world ? If you can let go of everything for one minute and dance like no one is watching, then you might just surprise yourself.

Attend a music Festival

There is a reason millions of people flock to music festivals each year. They are an enlightening and uniting experience. Listening to music already boosts your mood, but doing it around thousands of other can be electrifying.

Many people think festivals are only for electric or techno music, but there are all shots of festivals for all types of music, nothing should deter you from at last trying it out. Get your friends and your bags ready, and then hit up a festival you know you will enjoy and make some crazy memories.

Dog shelter

There are 6 to 8 million dogs waiting to be adopted every year. That doesn’t even include the amount of other shelter pets that need to be adopted. No, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you a sweet fur baby.What is even better is the facts that most shelter pets are already patty trained, and they are less expensive than pets from breeders not only will you be saving a life, you will be making a lifelong companion and friends. If you aren’t an animal person, then you can show your support by donating food or money to your local shelters.

Something that terrifies you

 Whether is jumping out of a plane or just living alone, everyone should do something that terrifies you before you die. Just think of all the time you have wasted being afraid of something, yet never trying it. Once you try the thing that scares you, it will no longer have power over you, which is completely liberating.

The more you do things that scare you the stronger you all be, and the more confidence you all have. You all no longer have to worry about the unknown, and you can live life without fear.

Find your passion

There are many people living in this world, but they are living without passion, then are they are living at all? You won’t fell like you are wasting your time in a job you don’t care about, because you are working for something you love. Don’t let your dream be drams. There is some truth in the saying, “if you can make money doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life”

Take your Dream vacation  

Have you ever dreamed of vesting Rome, London, Paris, or just the other side of the country? What is stopping you from making your dream vacation a reality? If you say money, there is a load of information on the internet that can help you create a dream vacation savings strategy. Everyone should be able to see things they are never seen, and broaden their horizons a bit.

It is proven that talking a vacation help reduce stress, prevents heart disease, and even impress productivity when you return home. What are you waiting for? Go see the world before you die .

Pay For a strangers meals

There are many people who struggle day-to-day, and doing something kinds paying for their food  in this order , may be just what they need. Whether it’s a person you see struggling, or someone you think will just enjoy the gesture, selflessly paying for a strangers meal should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Not only will you be felling a stranger, but you will also be putting a smile on their face, which is priceless.


Love and be loved

It seems like there are people  in this world that are easier to love than other. This is because they know how to love other, and are loved in return. It sound easy, but it can actually be one of the hardest thing to do. before you die

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