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Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

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Chiang Mai continues to be an extremely popular destination for people who wish to get out of the Big Mango, Bangkok. The city is surrounded by mountains and has many options for trekking and getting into nature. Also, for people who don’t like to travel far once at their location, there’s plenty to keep visitors busy within the city limits too.

Here are three things to do in and around Chiang Mai.

Try Out a Local Dish, KhaoSoi

The KhaoSoidish is featured heavily in Chiang Mai and you shouldn’t leave without giving it a taste at least once. It’s a noodle soup dish which has a curry and coconut base for its thick broth. They’re then complimented with an ample portion of yellow egg noodles along with chicken; quite often the leg of the chicken.

Along with KhaoSoi, you’ll usually get a side plate filled with a slice of lime, red onions finely cut and some green mustard that’s been pickled to perfection. Each condiment is intended to provide a pungent, sharp flavor to contrast with the mild curry taste.

Visit an Elephant Sanctuary

A trip to the best elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai is high on the list for people who are visiting Chiang Mai for the first time. Visits often include taking care of the elephants in some fashion, providing food during feeding times and eventually getting to ride on these majestic creatures too. Different tours include one-day and two-day bookings. It does take time to reach the sanctuary by road, so a two-day trip allows considerably more time on-site.

There’s far more effort that goes into elephant care and their conservation these days. The better sanctuaries spendconsiderable time and effort providing good conditions for these creatures. As a result, the elephants love to play in local waters and have a bit of fun, which is evident to the visitors too.

Take in the Warorot Market

The Warorot Market is positioned adjacent to the Ping River. This is a daytime market for the most part. It’s essentially Chiang Mai’s Chinatown with Chinese signage, however, it is unlike any Chinatown you’ve ever been to before. While there’s a prominent mix of Thai-Chinese nationals working there, there’s barely any Chinese restaurants and other stores you’d expect to see. Instead, it has a market which features different items that aren’t found at other night markets in the city.

It’s fair to say that the Warorot Market is good value for visitors because the prices tend to be more reasonable than in the far more touristy markets like the one at Walking Street. There’re some handicrafts for sale, along with jewelry, fruit, clothes, and food. Some snack vendors can be found in the early evening too.

Chiang Mai has other markets including the aforementioned Walking Street. Which is still worth a visit despite being very busy and a little pricey. There are also some good snacks and eateries; just bargain seriously with prices to get a good deal.