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Is tea bad for your dental health?

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Yes, tea is bad for your dental health. You should stop drinking it too much, else it might impact your teeth and gums in a negative way. This universally popular beverage contains chemicals which may work as a stimulant but their cause staining and discoloration to the teeth with regular or frequent consumption. For that reason, dentists ask you to stop waking up to a hot cup of tea. If you want to see pearly white teeth, or if you’re concerned with the aesthetic of smile, there is no way you should drink tea. Even if you can’t resist the urge, it’s better to switch to green tea and minimize the harms to some extent.

Drinking tea frequently can affect your dental health in basically four days, including –

Tea causes tooth staining
What we drink and eat has a huge impact on the color, shade and hues of our teeth. The tea you consume has tannic acid which gives the beverage its distinct color but proves harmful to the teeth. The dark color drink and its elements can enter into the grooves and pits of the teeth to soli them.
With tannic acid, there is always a risk of your teeth losing their natural white shone. If you want to minimize the risk of staining, the only apt way is to use a straw as it will stop any direct contact between the drink and your teeth. This is how you can maintain the natural glow of the teeth.

Tea causes enamel erosion
Your teeth are only as strong as the enamel beneath which is very soft and porous. That’s why, there is always a risk of tea seeping into them and leading to stains or discoloration. When that happens, chances of erosion go up. Washing the mouth after drinking tea – but not before 20-30 minutes – can keep the harms to some level down.
Similarly, the sugar in your tea is also the reason behind erosion and if the frequency is more, this can lead to cavities. In fact, when you drink tea quite often, it keeps the teeth soft which in turn increases the chances of tooth decay. You can switch to sugar-free tea and maintain dental health.

Tea causes bad breath
Drinking tea may rejuvenate your senses temporarily and wake you up from the deep slumber daily but its harms easily outweigh the advantages. You are not only at a risk of stained or discolored teeth, but there be bad breath as well. This happens due to dehydration caused by your favorite beverage.
And when your mouth is dry, it stops saliva production therefore creating a favorable environment for bacteria growth and plaque buildup. When that happens, your breath starts to stink and an unpleasing odor beings to come out of the mouth. To maintain the flow and production of saliva, you can chew gum (but go only for sugar-free version).

Tea causes wear & tear to teeth
Stop drinking tea frequently if you want your teeth and gums to stay healthy. If you manage to resist the temptation for your tea, it can definitely help minimize chances of wear and tear to your teeth. It’s bad to try to overcome the stress with tea, even if there is grinding teeth concern when you’re in sleep.
Wear and tear to your teeth may also be caused due to age factor. Even if you lose one or more of your teeth due to this, there are incredible implants long island for replacement in a pain-free manner. This is how you can maintain superior oral health easily.