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Tame Your Dwarf Hamster

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Many people keep dwarf hamsters as pets. And why not? they are cute, endearing very little fur balls that may offer hours of joy and diversion. however so as to induce the most enjoyment from your very little pocket pet, you’ll be wanting to be able to handle and play with him with confidence. you will need to tame your dwarf rodent.

How you acquaint your rodent together with his new surroundings – and with you – is crucial to establishing a heat and lasting bond. confine mind that after you bring your rodent home, he’s quite frightened.

Alien Abduction

Try to imagine what it should be like for him – he is simply been kidnaped by aliens! he is been plucked out of his comfy surroundings, taken from his litter mates, shut into somewhat cardboard box, and been subjected to all or any styles of new sensations… strange smells… displeasing motion… strange noises… it might be closely reminiscent of you being unsighted, confined during a dark, cold cell, and brought on a space vehicle to the way ends of the universe – ne’er to ascertain your family once more. So, after you bring your rodent home, your initial order of business is to achieve his trust and establish a bond with him.

It’s crucial that you simply have started a “talking hamster” cage for your new pet before you ever bring him home. Place the confine that you brought him home within the cage and open it. do not force your diminutive friend to go away the security of the box before he is prepared. permit him the maximum amount time as he has to emerge. This minimizes the number of stress that he needs to address.

Be patient, he’ll begin once he is prepared.

Once he will venture out, resist the urge to begin handling him directly. In fact, specialists within the field of animal behavior counsel that you simply leave the detain a dark, quiet space for up to 5 days. this offers your rodent time to cool down and acquaint himself together with his new home. (Remember, hamsters live underground. thus “dark” doesn’t equal “scary” to him.)

Take Advantage of His Nature

Hamsters trust most heavily on their senses of hearing and smell. So, throughout this “period of darkness”, as you’re provision your new pet with food and water a day, you ought to confer with your rodent during a soft, calm manner. He has to get wont to the sound of your voice. you do not ought to limit your “conversations” to the days after you feed him, however. confer with him oftentimes. (Don’t apprehend what to mention to a hamster? strive reading to him!) to boot, round the fourth day about and continued for many days subsequently, begin “introducing” yourself by inserting a tissue together with your scent thereon in his cage.

At now you will additionally begin to feed your rodent special treats. helianthus seeds or pumpkin seeds ar sensible decisions as long as you do not do it. Seeds ar finished associate degreed a fat rodent is an unhealthy rodent. additionally, you will strive providing tidbits of raw veggies – nothing from the onion family, however. Again, simply offer terribly tiny quantities. you’ve got however to work out what “people food” your rodent tolerates well; you do not need to upset his delicate systema digestorium.

Getting acquainted with

Once you’re feeling that your rodent is comfy together with his new setting and your presence, it is time to begin recuperating acquainted with. Slowly open his cage door, place within the tissue as before, then fastidiously place your hand within the cage. do not wiggle your fingers or attempt to choose him up. The goal here is to induce your pet to associate the aroma, with that he has become thus acquainted, with you.

He could approach your hand and sniff it. He could even crawl onto your hand. Don’t move. simply let him investigate. ought to he nip, do not panic. simply slowly take away your hand from the cage and shut the door. strive once more during a jiffy. If your pet still tries to bite you, withdraw your hand and wait each day, then repeat the method.

It is important that you simply ar patient with this procedure. it should take quite an whereas, perhaps while very much like a handful months, however do not get discouraged and rush the method. The rewards of taking it at your hamster’s pace ar definitely worth the effort. you will soon be enjoying a splendidly fulfilling relationship.

Making Your Dwarf rodent Your ally

The next step during this “getting to grasp you” ritual is to do to pet him. Again, this could take a while. Repeat the steps for golf stroke your hand in his cage then plan to pet his back. do not go on on him. simply slowly and thoroughly move your hand towards him and stroke his back with the guidelines of your fingers.

Once the hirsute very little guy accepts being touched, you are able to strive moving him to his out-of-cage pen. you do not need to simply choose him up and carry him there. which will actually frighten him. If you have purchased a rodent ball, this is often the perfect vehicle for transporting him till he’s easier with you holding him.

The play space does not ought to be elaborate, however it will ought to be secure. Some dwarf rodent homeowners have found that a bath is right – with a number of modifications. cowl the drain and place one thing on the ground of the bathtub so he features a no-slip surface. Then add a number of rodent toys for your friend to play with.

Arrange it so your rodent needs to shell your hand to induce into his play space. merely place no matter instrumentation you wont to transport him within the pen and place your hand before of the gap. He might not do that initially. If he does not, simply take him back to his cage and take a look at once more later. after you ar palmy, let him play, supervised however undisturbed, for a couple of 0.5 hour about. Place your hand wherever he will smell it and crawl over it. Stroke his back if he permits it.

Eventually you may be able to sit and play with him, however do not rush. you have created it this way, no sense in risking going backwards with the total method. Your main objective ought to be to ascertain yourself as a non-threatening presence.