Taking Your First Step In Guatemala: A Beginner’s Guide!

“Exploring Guatemala is the best way to make the most of your Antigua and Barbuda passport”

Guatemala is a haven for novice and jaded travellers where the very air is full of adventure and enthusiasm. Visiting for the first time can be a daunting experience but there’s nothing to worry about! It’s a welcoming country and all ready to give you a roller coaster ride for an adventure trip like nothing experienced before.


Perhaps the very first epic experience is digging the gorgeous colonial masterpiece; none other than Antigua and travellers to Guatemala are at an advantage possessing Antigua and Barbuda second passport. The town promises exhilarating streetscapes at almost every turn, finest selection of restaurants and amazing, family-friendly nightlife.

Antigua is also a great place to freshen up your Spanish due to the many language schools or to quench your thirst hiking the volcanic landscapes spread amazingly all across the town. For Guatemala dwellers, Antigua is no less than a party town but if you crave peace and tranquillity, better travel during midweek for its quieter.

The shimmering Lake Atitlan

The stunning volcano-framed azure waters of Lake Atitlan have been praised by almost everyone and dazzled travellers for centuries. Circling the lake are villages both, peaceful and bustling altogether with plenty of options to settle and explore some more. While it’s tempting to stay here for a couple of nights, the boat rides out and around the villages are fast, cheap and you save a lot of time and logistics.


A short trip up the road from Atitlan is the amazing Chichicastenangowhich is famous for flea bazaars on Thursday and Sunday. If you’re a passionate photographer, the marketplace is a dream come true that’s full of colour and movement. As long as you’re here, shop for inexpensive household items, traditional weavings, herbal medicines, religious artefacts and souvenirs. All of this is squeezed perfectly into the tiny vendor stalls forming the centre of attraction in the plaza.

Yet another fascinating aspect of the town to experience with Antigua and Barbuda passport is the combination of the two religions namely; Maya and Catholicism. While the Santos Tomas church is Catholic, Mayan priests use it for traditional rituals whereas going 18 steps up tot eh church epitomises the Mayan’s calendar.


Among the Guatemala’s must-see is Tikal that’s also one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Mayan world. Getting there is relatively easy and once arriving in Tikal, spacious size and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is rarely disappointing to anyone; even if it’s packed full of tourists. If you wish to dig in most of the place, consider staying in a nearby hotel and arrange a guide to give you a tour either at sunset or sunrise!


The natural beauty of SemucChampeyis simply absolute! It’s a series of limestone pools ringed by lush jungle and linked with a cascading river. This is also Guatemala’s best spots to swim in freshwater and make the most of cave trips and rafting opportunities. While SemucChampeyis in a remote location, getting there isn’t too much of a hassle. Many shuttle bus services from almost anywhere in the country can fulfil your transportation desire!


For a perfect journey, you can loop around from Guatemala to Antigua and then to Lake Atitlan. From here, end your trip by heading on towards SemucChampey, then Tikal and back to Guatemala. To enjoy all of this, no need spending too much time but organise the trip in just two weeks.


This is the best way to make the most of your Antigua and Barbuda passport and replenish your soul for the next trip!

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