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How To Tackle your Drug Addiction

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Having an addiction to drugs can forever change your life, however, this doesn’t have to be a completely negative situation. Drug addiction is without a doubt an illness that not only affects the addict but it also affects the family and friends close to the addict. Finding help is without a doubt your first line of defense when looking to fight a drug addiction.

With groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, the goal is to bring together groups of people suffering from similar addictions to a safe place. Naples Alcoholics Anonymous website even shows that Alcoholics Anonymous has an app that makes it easy for addicts to find meetings. These meetings can help not only the addict but also the families of the addicts by offering support and education. For some the illness of addiction can be a very lonely place and be finding others who are looking for help is a great means of support for those you no longer want to watch suffer.

When you realize that drug addiction is affecting your family it’s important that you take action immediately and start fighting for sobriety and good health in your family unit. There is a fascinating article on The Huffington Post that refers to an experiment done with rats that a Professor Alexander says “addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you. It’s your cage.”. there will definitely be arguments the thought that your basic surroundings can change your outlook on addiction is something that should be pondered. Finding ways to increase the joy and lessen the stress in an addict’s life can no doubt help.

Alcohol is a drug that no doubt has shown you in one form or another the negative effects it can have on people. The ability to make good and clear decisions is stunted by too much alcohol and for an addict, this will only increase with time and use. The human body is an amazing mechanism and it can do amazing things but when abused with alcohol it can destroy itself. The National Institute of Alcohol lists some of the effects that abuse of alcohol can have on the body. The list of what can go wrong is frightening for addicts but sometimes not even that is enough to make them stop.

It is so important that an addict in your life is not only educated and taught healthier ways to live and for the support of other addicts. It’s important for drinking to be stopped completely. Regular checkups with a medical doctor and the support your family and friends are willing to give with “dry” nights is crucial in tackling a drug addiction.

Ideas for dry nights:

  1. Game nights
  2. Movies
  3. Exercise-based activities (hiking, running, swimming)
  4. Eating out (preferably a bar free zone)

The options for living a drug-free life are possible and you can succeed in tackling your addiction or leading a family/friend to live a clean life. The point is that it is a fight and it needs to be fought.