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Say Goodbye To Baldness With Latest Hair Transplant Technology

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In the modern world of technology and medical science nothing is impossible and so being bald is no longer a shortcoming. If you have the means of getting new hair is only a few needle pricks away. Baldness is the effect caused by shrinking hair follicles which can no longer sustain a healthy hair growth. Knowing the cause has made treatment easy and plausible and thus the recent boom of the hair transplant therapy.

The transplant therapy involves surgically replacing unhealthy follicles from a balding site also known as the ‘recipient site’ with healthy follicles from a ‘donor site’. This minimally invasive surgery is your permanent solution to baldness. Although hair transplant is mainly discussed in the context of baldness, it also finds application in the regeneration of eyebrows, eyelashes, beard etc.

The more preferred method of transplantation involves the extraction and replanting of whole intact ‘follicular units’ and thus the technique is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). For any transplantation surgery to be successful, the harvesting of intact hair follicles is of paramount importance. Another method of transplantation involves grafting a small piece of skin each with a hair onto the bald area. This method is known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

Turkey- The Lower Pocket Pinch

Although hair transplant surgery has gained much popularity worldwide, yet Turkey seems to be the Mecca of hair transplantation. Every year thousands of patients flock to Turkey to undergo hair transplantation therapy. Although it may seem it is due to the better medical facility, the actual reason is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey. While an FUE surgery in the US and Europe would cost you a whopping $25,000, Istanbul is catering the same services at $600-$2000.the cheap cost of hair transplant in Turkey has made it one of the fastest

growing industries in the country so much so that hair transplant is not only a medical procedure anymore but a package that involves transportation from the airport to the hotel and also on the day of surgery. With almost 6000-8000 patients every month Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplant. With very experienced surgeons and state of the art medical facilities, each clinic is well equipped to compete in the world market. At almost 60%-70% cheaper rates as compared to the USA and UK, Turkey is one of the most sought-after places for hair transplant.

FUE is the more commonly practiced method of transplantation in Turkey and worldwide although FUT is also performed occasionally. The average cost of an FUE graft in turkey is $3/graft and for FUT technique is $1.5/graft. But it is not only the cost of hair transplant in turkey that draws its customers there are other added advantages as well. The primary is its location. Located between Europe and Asia it has great connectivity and accessibility from either way of the globe. Another plus is its immensely experienced surgeons, great medical facility and infrastructure and also the recent popularity it has gained through word of mouth.

In today’s world money matters as much as quality. So if you can boost your confidence with quality at a cheaper price then it is the best deal. Turkey has proved to be the hub of hair transplant therapy as it has managed to provide the latest hair transplant therapies at cheap and affordable prices and thus made the hair transplant therapy available to all sections of the society.