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What Are The Risks Involved In Using Methandrostenolone?

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All steroids come with certain side effects. The side effects become prominent when the steroid is abused like it is taken in higher dosage than recommended to get benefits faster. If you are a beginner, you are also vulnerable to the side effects of any steroid you use because your body is not used to it and you have to be cautious while using it so that it does not damage certain organs permanently. Most of the steroids are toxic to the human liver and high dosage can cause liver cancer along with other issues. Similarly, they are bad for the human heart as they increase cholesterol levels leading to heart attacks in extreme cases. Before you start using any steroid, understand the risks involved and the side effects that can happen to you so that you can detect their signs at an early stage to stop using it.

The Working of Methandrostenolone

Methandrostenolone or Dianabol is a very popular oral steroid and bodybuilders use to build muscles at a faster rate than other available steroids. This is an anabolic steroid and it enhances male characteristics and hence, it is not exactly suitable for women as they face virilization problems. This steroid helps in retaining nitrogen which is what muscles need in plenty. Furthermore, the protein synthesis in the body increases and it is instrumental in muscle formation. It also enhances the red blood cells level in the blood so that greater energy can be produced for faster muscle building work.

The best approach to Dianabol especially for the beginners is to take a short trial run to make the body get used to it before you can increase the dosage. Generally, a trial runs for a couple of week with a minimum dosage of 10mg Methandrostenolone and the person stays under constant supervision of a doctor to understand how the body is reacting and plan the cycle accordingly. This trial also reveals how much dosage is perfect for a person and how long should the normal cycle go.

Side Effects of Methandrostenolone

The biggest issue that most of the bodybuilders face while using Dianabol is the water retention and bloating problem. Water retention makes your muscle mass gain temporary which means that once you stop using the steroid, you gain will go away after a certain time period. Another worse side effect for males is gynecomastia. It is the enlargement of man chest like females. These two effects become visible as you increase the dosage steadily weeks after weeks in a complete cycle. Apart from these, one of the most concerning side effects is that they increase cholesterol levels leading to high blood pressure. To be more specific, the LDL cholesterol increases while HDL cholesterol decreases. This could even lead to severe heat issues and even heart attack. Other than these, there could be hair loss, acne, testosterone suppression which are common side effects of most of the steroids. The acne goes away slowly once the cycle gets over. Hair loss is not preventable but you can use testosterone steroids to keep testosterone level intact in the body.