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ReGen For Men Review: Can it Actually Help Grow Real Hair?

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ReGen for Men is a hair growth product that contains the only FDA-approved substance to treat hair loss in both men and women who are facing the challenge of pattern baldness. It works for people of all ages and is safe for long-term use. ReGen is an over-the-counter product that is able to help users grow real hair, safely and without having to resort to expensive transplants and hair pieces.

Why ReGen for Men Stands Out Among Competitors

Unlike 99 percent of other hair regeneration products on the market, ReGen contains the only FDA-approved substance that treats hair loss: Minoxidil. This powerful ingredient in ReGen works by reviving the inactive hair follicles that sit on the surface of the scalp. Minoxidil has been clinically shown to boost the follicles from their dormant phase into the growth phase because it directly stimulates the tiny blood vessels located near the hair follicles.

Because ReGen is 5 percent Minoxidil, it is able to effectively and quickly regenerate hair growth in men who are beginning to lose their hair. While competing products boast that they are able to initiate new hair growth in six to 12 months, ReGen users have reported hair growth in about half that amount of time, making the product one of the fastest in its category.

Buyers can also rest assured for another reason: ReGen is manufactured by one of the most respected firms in the hair care industry, Felliniesque. Felliniesque manufacturer’s a variety of hair regrowth treatments and supplements for both men and women.

The Industry is Raving About ReGen for Men

Online reviews for ReGen for Men are universally positive, which is one of the reasons I decided to give the product a long-term try after the free trial. Users typically note that ReGen has no strong odor (many similar products are overpoweringly awful smelling!), is fairly-priced, ships to your door very quickly, works as promised and is okay for long-term use.


One thing many reviewers point out is that ReGen is one of the very few hair growth formulas that contains Minoxidil, the only known hair-growth compound on the market. It also seems that the majority of reviewers, as was true for me, had already tried several hair-growth products and had no luck with them. ReGen is usually the last product people try because it works and is priced right.

Try ReGen for Yourself

One nice thing about this product is that it is easy to locate and purchase. Consumers can find it on Amazon and the company’s website as well. At the website, you can order a totally risk-free sample of the product and pay only a small amount for shipping/handling. Very few products of this kind offer free trials, so that is a huge plus.

Our Verdict

After taking advantage of the free trial (which arrived quickly, by the way) for just the cost of postage, I decided to purchase my first order of ReGen for Men. Having already lost about 70 percent of my hair over the past 30 years, I’m now, at age 51, beginning to see new hair growth for the first time. I used the product for about 3 months before noticing results, but since then, the growth has been consistent and the following 3 months were pretty amazing.

I know I’m not dreaming or lulled by a self-fulfilling wish because I take photos (close-ups with my phone) every day after I shower. At the end of each month I line up all the images on a large computer screen and can clearly see the increased growth over time. This is my fourth hair-growth product to try and is the first one that has shown any results, so I’m going to keep using it until my hair thickness and coverage is back to where I want it. My personal verdict on ReGen for Men is a big thumbs up.