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Recovery from Gynecological Surgery

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Recovery from Gynecological Surgery

By gynecological surgery, we mean a type of surgery on the female reproductive system. The procedure can be performed due to various reasons and recovery is a crucial time for the patient. This article discusses how the best gynecologist can deliver promising results through this procedure.

Please continue reading to learn more about the recovery period after gynecological surgery.

Wound Care

It is a surgical procedure and body will definitely get wounded. For different surgeries, the place of incisions and stitches will be different. The stitches and staples (if any) will be removed after three to ten days. The absorbable sutures do not need to be removed because they will dissolve at that body area. The person can remove the bandage dressing (if any) after one or two days.

Pain and Discomfort

Again, it is a surgical treatment and some pain or/and discomfort is normal/common. However, the person can avoid pain by taking extra care and prescribed pain medications. The person has to limit physical movements to allow the treatment area to heal properly and quickly.

Vaginal Bleeding

It normal for the women to experience slight spotting or bleeding for several weeks after this treatment.

Activities or Movements

The patient may feel tired for 24 to 48 hours which is normal. It mostly happens if general anesthesia has been administered. Some people may feel tired for more than two days. It often happens when a person undergoes major surgery.

The person has to take proper rest during initial days after the surgery. Spending the whole day on the bed is also not good. Short walks several times a day are good to keep the body moving. The patient can take a shower but tub baths and swimming should be avoided.

It is not good to lift heavy objects because it can hurt the stitches. The patient should not drive until the body recovers fully and starts working properly.

The person should not have sexual intercourse until the vaginal tissues are completely healed. Moreover, inserting tampons or anything else is also harmful.

The actual time frame for returning to work will be decided by the plastic surgeon. Normally, the person can resume office once the pain and discomfort have ended.

Digestive System

The person can continue the routine diet after undergoing gynecological surgery. However, the food that can irritate the wounded area should be avoided. The gynecologist will elaborate what food and beverages are fine after this procedure.

The patient may also experience constipation because it is common after gynecological surgery. This issue occurs because the person is not making enough bowel movements. It is important to mention that the patient should not take any medication for constipation without consulting the gynecologist.

Due to the surgery and medications, a woman may get diarrhea (watery stool). The patient may also find blood in the stool and this issue should be reported to the doctor.

Urinary System

A woman who has had a vaginal surgery may experience pulling sensation while urinating. A frequent urge to urinate is also common after undergoing a vaginal surgery. If the following happens, the person should immediately consult the doctor because there might be a bigger issue:

  • Blood in your urine
  • Burning with urination
  • Increased body temperature
  • Needing to urinate frequently and urgently
  • Urge to urinate but only a few drops come out
  • Prolonged pain on one side of your upper back

Urinating every four to six hour is common for women; some women may urinate more frequently. But if the patient has not urinated for six hours, or she feels the urge to urinate but urine does not come out, it is necessary to consult the doctor.

Follow-Up Visit

In addition to taking care of the things discussed above, the person should be alert all the time and if any unusual thing occurs, the person should head toward the best gynecologist’s office. Even if nothing wrong has happened and the person is healing normally, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist for following check-ups.

Gynecological Surgery: Conclusion

In the end, we can say that gynecological surgery is an important procedure that can fix a variety of problems with a woman’s reproductive system. If you have just had a gynecological surgery or you want to have it in the future, you should follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. Please consult the best gynecologist if you want to learn more about it. So book a consultation session and stay away from complications.