How Psychometric Assessment Aids Recruiters?

Psychometric assessment is useful for employers to assess the hidden traits of a candidate in addition with formal education and experience. Psychometric tests are becoming a part of personal test to discover special characteristics of a person that an interview and academic performance cannot pinpoint. Psychometric tests help to provide full picture of a candidate’s performance and up to which instinct he deserves the position because a wrong choice may cost the company at least salary for 6 months. Psychometric testing is believed to provide scientific credibility and objectivity to the recruitment process. It is considered as more credible and accurate way of assessing a candidate besides standard methods of written tests and interview applicable to all the candidates. These tests are helpful to examine the performance of existing employees and improvise their skills.

Some organisations conduct psychometric assessments to filter a large number of candidates in the initial level of recruitment process whereas some conduct them in the ending levels. Most of the interviewers conduct these tests in the initial level as it helps to assess the potential of a candidate at full lengths and it reduces the work load of the recruiter. Psychometric testing Chennai was known to be conducted in traditional style using pen and paper, questionnaires but now it is being conducted in online method. Some companies opt to conduct these tests as telephone interview and some in offline method. Psychometric tests help the employers to analyse the candidates beyond their academic performance, experience, appearance and verbal skills.

What does the employers look for in psychometric assessment?

This kind of testing is of various types. Some call it cognitive or aptitude tests. Mainly employers examine the working style, personality, values and motivation level of a candidate and adaptability to the work environment and fellow workers.  For example, aptitude tests provide the clear picture about current abilities of a candidate and accurate suitability for the position whereas academic performance and experience show the basic eligibility.

What are the steps to be taken by the employers to conduct psychometric tests?

  • Know the law

Check whether our psychometric testing process fulfil the legal formalities as American law prohibits psychometric testing of the employees except in defence, law and order and scientific research departments and the tests should not involve in racial discrimination and psychometric tests should not be conducted on persons with specific disabilities.

  • Know the business needs

Design our psychometric tests based on business needs of your company but not based on your personal interests, faith etc.

  • Avoid cheating

Some employees may use prejudices to get through the interview. Try to interact with them and their previous employers to get clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Some employees may expose their shy nature as introversion. Psychometric testing helps to clear this type of confusions.

  • Review your testing style regularly

Assess your style of psychometric testing regularly by the results obtained from previous tests and performance of the candidates. It should be based on changing needs of your firm. Psychometric testing helps to motivate existing employees when the results are discussed with them in a positive and progressive manner.




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