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Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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When it comes to the removal of body hair, people have got a variety of options. You can use razors to shave unwanted hair instantly, but the hair grows back in a matter of days. Depilatory creams dissolve hair in a minute, but they also tend to darken the skin. For more thorough hair removal, people resort to waxing, which eliminates hair from the root, but it is also a painful process. In contrast to all these hair removal methods, laser hair removal treatment offers a long-term solution to people’s recurring hair removal problem.

Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent treatment method that minimises hair growth by damaging hair follicles. The laser device targets the pigment cells that contain melanin in the hair follicles. Once the melanin is identified, the laser burns the hair follicle right down to its roots. After a few laser sessions, patients need not worry about investing their time and money in other hair removal appointments. If you’re thinking of signing up for a laser hair removal in Bangalore, here are some pros and cons that would further aid you in making the decision:

Pros of laser hair removal:

 Reduces hair growth:

While laser hair removal doesn’t remove hair permanently, it can significantly reduce hair growth to the point that you don’t have to worry about hair removal sessions for a long time to come. This is decidedly better when compared to other traditional methods of hair removal like razors, waxing, depilatory creams, which require recurrent hair removal sessions after every few days.

 Can cover large areas of application:

One of the most attractive benefits of laser hair removal treatment is that it can be performed anywhere on the body, and that the device can quickly cover large areas. While the duration of individual sessions may vary based on the area of application, the ease of operation that laser hair treatment offers is far more efficient than other alternative methods of hair removal.

Relatively less painful:

When it comes to measuring levels of pain and discomfort, laser hair removal treatments are only mildly painful. The technicians use ice to numb the concerned area before and after the procedure, thus making sure that the patient does not experience any inflammation or irritation. Further, laser hair removal gets progressively less painful as the treatment progresses and the hair becomes scarcer and finer.

Cons of laser hair removal treatment:


 While laser hair treatment has its benefits regarding effectiveness, one of the significant disadvantages associated with it is that it’s an extremely lengthy procedure that spans across multiple sittings. Since the hair growth cycle spans three phases, the laser hair treatment extends across multiple sessions to ensure complete hair removal. For this reason, those who opt for laser hair removal have to wait for six weeks between treatments, and it can take anywhere between three and eight sessions to see visible results.


Owing to expensive equipment and the long-term solution for hair removal that they provide, laser treatments are generally quite expensive. While the cost of the procedure may vary depending on the area of application and the treatment method opted by the patient, the cost of a single session far exceeds the average cost of alternative methods of hair removal. However, due to its effectiveness, in the long run, people consider it a one-time beauty investment.

Side-effects could lead to burns:

Since the treatment involves the use of a laser that essentially burns the hair, it could also lead to skin burns in some cases. The chances of skin burns are more frequent for patients who have darker skin. This is because the laser device targets the melanin content in the hair, and patients with darker skin tone have a higher quantity of melanin in their skin. As a result, the skin with darker melanin pigments readily absorbs the laser, leading to skin burns. While the burns are mild in most cases, some instances of severe burns have also been reported.

Can cause hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation:

Another major side-effect of laser treatment is that it stimulates melanin production, thus causing hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is the condition in which there is a darkening of the skin, thus creating a reaction similar to one produced by suntan. Consequently, laser treatment can cause hypopigmentation, which is a lightening of the skin. In some cases, the absorption of laser light could inhibit the natural production of melanin in the skin, which causes the skin to take an uncharacteristically light hue.

Excessive hair growth at unwanted places has perpetually been an issue of concern for both men and women. So much, that a considerable amount of time and money is devoted to removing unwanted hair in different parts of the body. More often than not, owing to a busy lifestyle, many people don’t have the time to go for these sessions regularly. As a result, laser hair treatment has continuously been gaining popularity in the last decade. However, like every other hair removal method, whether you’re opting for laser hair removal in Bangalore, the treatment has its own set of pros and cons associated with it. While it is a one-time solution to all hair removal woes, in the end, it all comes down to choosing a treatment which best suits your needs.