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Are Printed Shorts The New Trend? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

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It is somewhat hard to find two people with a similar mindset. They will differ in their personal preferences, not only during the selection of food but also with respect to what they wear. Gone are the days when people used to consider clothes as one of the three primary needs. The attire you wear is a reflection of your personality. A well-dressed person will succeed in making a positive impression every time. The fashion designers and high-end clothing brands are continuously trying to set a new trend in the market. Fashion and trends evolve with time. A style that is ruling the charts today will sink into the depths of oblivion tomorrow. Even old trends come back in a new avatar. Jeans, T-shirts, suits, linen trousers, shorts and traditional attires are some of the staples in each wardrobe. Mixing two different styles will allow you to create your signature look. It is obligatory to have an excellent collection of printed as well as solid colors. So, give some thought to what you plan to wear the next time you step out of your condo.

No wardrobe is complete without shorts

Summer is knocking at our doors. The sweltering heat will make you wish you could shut yourself in. But alas! You must be out and about during the hot summers. That does not mean you must bring your style quotient down.  Never!! Soft and airy linen, cotton and natural fabrics are your best friends during the summers. Light colors and fine prints will up your style quotient, without making you uncomfortable. Thus, fashion experts suggest you stock up on printed shorts to beat the heat. Shorts are available in various styles, fabric, colors, patterns, and prices. So, there is something for everyone. Use your creativity and create some impressive looks with your short pants.

A perfect daily wear look

Denim shorts are popular among boys and girls. One can create a comfortable street smart look with these shorts. Lose T-shirts, or light colored short shirts will be a perfect match. In case you want to add a dash of color to the ensemble, throw a cotton or linen jacket that comes with bright prints. In recent times, even denim shorts are available in several patterns and prints.


Printed Shorts The New Trend

Tailored shorts for a semi-casual look

In case you are looking for something unique, famous clothing lines will offer a vast collection of patterned, checkered, and printed tailored shorts. These are primarily popular among women. If you wish to get a sophisticated and chic look, then pair your tailored shorts with linen shirts with a vintage collar. An ankle length embroidered boot, or tie-up sandals, classy watch, and statement neckpiece will add an extra edge to your personality.

Double denim trend

Not long ago, Britney Spears was known for her quirky yet fashionable looks. The best part was anyone could pull it off. She was often seen wearing light denim shirts with similar shorts. If the look is to uniform for you, then you can pair up denim shirts with blue printed shorts. As denim comes in prints as well, you can create the double denim look, with your twist. The minimalistic trend will set you apart from the others.


Dual purpose shorts

Enough about ladies! It is time to shed some light on how men are hooked on shorts. Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known for his signature cargos and semi-fitted T-shirts. Not long back he proved that he has the charisma to make any look smoldering hot, even a wet printed short. Leo was spotted enjoying a dip in the pool, with nothing, but a well-fitted printed short on. Tom Huddleston, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and several other stars have also been seen in these kinds of short. They are multipurpose and will suit a casual street look as well. They are also ideal if you are planning a boy’s night out. Only change the top wear, and you are ready to rock the show.


 Printed Shorts The New Trend

Embrace printed Bermuda

Bermuda is a slightly longer version of shorts. It is ideal for those who do not want to show too much skin. Ideally suited for a beach vacation, these will also come in handy when you are running an errand. Most people opt for a cotton Bermuda when they need to travel in trains or aircraft for a long duration.

Can’t get enough of lace!

Girls’ love for lace is undying. After adding lace on clothes, and accessories, it is time to sport lace shorts. If you are not excited by the idea of all-over lace shorts, then you can opt for the ones which have a healthy mix of prints and lace. These shorts have lace at the edges, which makes these truly girly. Team up sleeveless tops with lacey shorts, with a pair of oversized shades and appropriate accessories to complete the glam look. The lace shorts are rather inexpensive and will fit in everyone’s budget.

There was a huge demand for shorts among people who did not want to bother themselves with the nitty-gritty of dressing. But thanks to the changing fashion trends, the shorts have become massive for young students. They are too comfortable, and unique variations make them ultra-glamorous. Thus, it is time to shun your inhibitions about your body and highlight your new avatar in front of friends and family. They will be pleasantly surprised to see your new look.