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Plug and Play Cameras are Easy to Install and Use

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Plug and Play Outdoor Security Cameras

With the arrival of numerous home improvement stores scattered across the country—and a plethora of Do it yourself (DIY) programs on TV and videos on popular social sites such as YouTube and Daily Motion, homeowners are finding out that fixing things in their house was never easier than it is now. Thanks to these self-help videos and stores, you can easily fix things in your house which previously required professional assistance.

And, thanks to ever-advancing consumer tech, installations of gadgets and certain other things running on electricity that once invariably required professional assistance can now be done with nothing more than few simple home tools like screwdrivers and pliers. One such important project is home security which keeps your home safe from intruders or any inadvertent mishaps. Available in both wired and wireless varieties, these surveillance cameras go a long way in providing you with the much needed peace of mind stemming from the fact that activities in and around your house is constantly being monitored.

Wired cameras offer better security as it is extremely complicated to hack them from a remote location, though their installation is much more complex as completely wiring your home with motion detectors, alarms and keypads is for all intents and purposes a job you will find yourself ill-equipped to handle. However, the introduction of plug and play outdoor security cameras means you can rev up your home or office safety without breaking into a sweat or waiting for technicians to show up at your door. These affordable and easy to install affordable “plug-and- play” consumer-based security camera solutions that have hit the market in recent times has been steadily climbing the popularity charts when it comes to surveillance cameras.

The fact of the matter is that these types of cameras offer three very distinct advantages that wired security often fail to emulate. First and foremost they are affordable meaning you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket enhancing the safety of your home, office or other property. Second important feature of plug and play cameras are that they are extremely easy to install. Last but certainly not the least, they are also much easier to use and people can use them without possessing expert knowledge about functioning and usage of security cameras.

These types of digital video cameras, called Internet Protocol (IP) cameras make use of computer networking for transmitting video footages that they have captured. Good thing is that you can connect them to Web as well for remote control as well as viewing.

These cameras record videos in their memory or flash drives that are provided with them. Some reputable manufacturers have also started offering cloud computing features meaning that you can store your data on cloud and access them with requisite authorization anytime and anywhere that you want provided you have an internet connection. Also, these cameras vary greatly in features and level of sophistication.

Sophisticated IP cameras are generally used by corporates and government agencies for better security; less sophisticated home version on the other hand is available to be used at home.

IP cameras are not new to the market, though earlier they used to be complicated devices requiring advanced networking knowledge for installation and use. Nowadays wireless cameras are available that curtails installation time to a significant extent.