PHP Hypertext preprocessor for website development easy way to billet website



PHP full form -PHP stands for PHP Hypertext preprocessor. it originally stood for personal home page, but was renamed when the language fell into common use on the web, at version 3.0. it has now become one of the world’s most popular programming languages for web development.

it is an open source all-purpose scripting language that is suited for web development and embedded into HTML PHP is server-side scripting, PHP is server-side scripting, PHP can also be used for command line scripting and writing desktop applications.


Here are some PHP full form features of  which makes it a very popularly used programming language for wed development

  • its Fast

The time to process and load a web page is shot on web sites because it is embedded in HTNL code.

  • its Free

PHP is an open source project- the language is developed by a worldwide team of volunteers who make its source code freely available on the WAB,

and it may be used without payment of licensing fees or investments in expensive hardware or software.

  • it’s Easy to use

The syntax is simple and easy to understand and use, even for non-programmers.for use in web sites, PHP code is designed to be included easily in an HTML life.

  • its Versatile

PHP runs on a large form of in operation systems – Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and most varieties of UNIX.

  • its Secure

As long as your scripts are designed properly, the user doesn’t see the PHP code.

  • its customizable

The open source license permits programmers to modify the PHP software,

adding or modifying features as required fitting their own environments.

PHP provides vital control over the environment, reducing chances of failure.

One of PHP`s strengths has historically been its support for a wide range of different databases, including My SQL, ORACEL and Microsoft SOL Server.

XML support makes it easy to read (and write) XML documents as thought they were native PHP data structures.

PHP can even access C libraries, java classes,

and COM object and take advantage of program code written for this language!

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