Top benefits of being open-minded

open minded

Great people are certainly blessed with great qualities, be open minded on everything as against those who have a closed minded on everything. They take everything in a positive way and explore the good point contained in it.

They abhor negative attitude and some negative attitude and some negative thinking. For them, for practical purpose God is in his heaven and all is right in the world as Robert browning said.

Be open minded

This optimistic frame of  open minded enables them to judge merits rather than hearsay to humanity these people are like a drop of rain which when separates from the clouds that mixes with other drops and multiplies in such a fashion that it becomes a torrent quenching the thirst of the earth scorched by the heart of sum may / June. These people bring joy, bliss and a message of goodwill to one and all.

We must emulate their example. One of the most significant characteristic of great people is complete identification of thought and action in their lives. They are guided by moral and spiritual force witch acts from within. A person with closed mind cannot have communication with other and that prevents him / her from establishing relationship with others.

But a person with an open minded possesses alertness and sensitivity, which helps in accepting new thoughts and ideas understandingly. In this regarded, the more the receptivity the greater the depth and in such  open minded there is a greater scope for self-cleansing, and self- purification. it is in such a open minded that the sense of freedom, initiative, creativity and responsibility can develop and flourish or flower.

Great people are mostely open minded

Therefore, young readers, if any one of you, is an Indian, then he or she cannot be either insignificant or niggle presents the living nation just as each drop of water contains within itself the rain giving cloud. the from which anyone of you adopts in the coming moments , hours or days, after multiplying will be the future from and shape of our world.

So it’s a great mistake and all illusion to think what I can do alone or the country would not lose anything if I do not contribute my share of labor. There is no place for such thinking in the realms of nature. No person can think as separate entity. You are great and you have been made to make world great. Go ahead like b the enthusiastic drop of rain. Other must follow

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