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Is it okay to use Anavar from Genesis Labs?

The drug Anavar was the original brand name of Oxandrolone Genesis. It is an oral drug that was created in 1964 in the USA by Searle. The drug was developed as an anabolic drug and was mild enough to be used for stimulating growth in kids. We have all known about steroid stunt growth, but that occurs as a result of excess estrogen provided through steroids.

Estrogen is also a reason why women stop growing earlier and end of being shorter than men. Oxandrolone doesn’t convert into an estrogen like other steroids, and it lets you grow.

Is it okay to use Anavar from Genesis Labs

Oxandrolone Genesis


Anavar is made with the Genesis Labs moniker, is mostly a women’s steroid and helps to treat osteoporosis. As per mainstream thinking or the public policy, the steroids had changed roles by the 80s and become prescription-only drugs. Ever since there has been a drop of Oxandrolone usage.

The products from Searle started getting discounted and the drugs have now almost disappeared from the pharmacies in the USA. Oxandrolone was recently reintroduced by a health care company BTG under the name of Oxandrin.

Searle had sold right of Oxandrolone to BTG and the drug is now used for treating wasting diseases from HIV/AIDS. Most people were thrilled with such a development, and Oxandrolone has been well regarded over the years.

One of the Safest Steroids Sold


Anavar is a mild drug and has limited androgenic power. With low androgenic potential, the drug is derived from DHT. As this seems like it would make Oxandrolone more androgenic, the formulation gives less reaction compared to certain enzymes and that makes it more potent. This comes down to the potency level in the body. The compound does not react like testosterone, as that is stronger in terms of tissues and these are sensitive to androgens than what it does to muscle tissues.

Genesis Oxandrolone is more potent in both the muscle tissues and for androgen sensitive tissues like skin and prostate. The drug is similar to Primobolan and Winstrol, and these are also steroids derived from DHT and are low in androgen.

Dosages for Anavar Genesis Tabs


Oxandrolone improves strength and lean muscle mass, but the drug is mild and it not good for bulking. The drug is mostly used for cutting phases and water retention is undesirable.

The typical dose for men in the phases is 15 to 25 mg, and this should be enough for the results. If you add other anabolic steroids like Primobolan or Winstrol, the result will be more defined and not have water retained.

Users sometimes tend to stack other non-aromatizing steroids with Oxandrolone. These are like Trenbolone, Proviron, and Halotestin. These help tone the muscles and improve fat reduction. There are users that would integrate Anavar into stacks and want to bulk up, but they would typically incorporate more of bulking steroid like testosterone and Dianabol.

You could rely on the drug made with the Genesis Labs moniker as it is a reputed and well-sought option.

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