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Must Know Facts When You Are Looking For Cheap Funeral Services

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Almost, not all of us plan our funerals.Instead, we leave the decision to our loved ones to take care after our demise. Nevertheless, it turns out to be a crucial mistake because then at that point of time our loved ones take decisions during emotional turmoil and the funeral arrangements would become unnecessarily expensive and burdensome because instead of taking funeral services they would simply focus on funeral process.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) is not for profit advocacy and consumer information group who check numbers on funerals, who report from their customers about how they were overcharged forfuneral costs. They have seven to eight thousand dollars for something that would normally cost them one or two thousand dollars. Funerals are the third costliest purchases that someone makes, right after a car and a house.

However, there arecheap funeral packages and one must look for them to get the best deals on funeral service. Here are some tips to get cheap funeral packages:

Shopping Around Can Save You A Lot Of Money

It is important that you do not stick to the funeral service who your family has been attached to or who your hospital recommends. You must look for other options and compare prices. This can save you thousands of dollars. Whenever you go to a funeral service, they are bound to hand you a list of their price chart that includes the non-declinable fee including paperwork and overhead charges, along with general price lists like transportation, use of the funeral home for viewing and ceremony along with optional things like arranging flowers or printing obituary. You must compare the price list of multiple funeral services before decidingto get a funeral service.

A Body Will Not Be Preserved By A Sealed Casket

It’s a myth that sealed caskets will preserve a body, it won’t. Unsealed caskets cost hundreds of dollars lesser than sealed caskets, although the sealed caskets cost the manufacturer only around 12$ more than unsealed ones. So, the entire profit from it goes to the pockets of the funeral director. A sealed casket cannot preserve the body and the idea is absolutely rubbish.

Don’t Spend Much For A Casket

The casket is the costliest item in the entire funeral service. Funeral homes sell caskets and give two hundred to three hundred percent markup on the actual price. So, if the price of a casket goes over five hundred dollars, look somewhere else. You can buy caskets from wholesalers or a casket retailer at cheaper prices. Funeral homes keep cheap caskets away from customers so that they do not notice. If, you like the price and the design of a casket, ask the funeral home about other colours. They can get a replacement in hours.

Embalming Is Optional

Embalming is rarely required, especially when the person is getting buried in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Embalming does not do any public health service and is a fake idea put into your head by funeral directors or embalmers. You can use refrigeration as an alternative to embalming. If the funeral home refuses to have a public viewing without embalming, then ask them to arrange for a private one with embalming. It will givemake a funeral serviceand save you money.

Funeral Directors Are Not Priests

You may think that funeral directors are priests, but they are not. They are professional when it comes to this and would try to make you spend the most they can because they profit from it. Hence, be professional with them to get a funeral service.