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How To Monitor Instant Messenger Chat on Your Girlfriend Android

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Having a loyal partner leads to peaceful life but when the faithfulness comes at stake, it is vital to be aware of if you are being cheated. A sudden negative change in your girlfriend’s behavior and tantrum can be a sign that your partner has second thoughts in her mind. But before you reach any conclusion, this is imperative to detect the truth.

A person’s mobile phone can reveal a lot about that person. If your girlfriend is dating someone else, her message inbox and call logs can provide you with enough clues of her infidelity.

But a cheater would never willingly hand over her phone to you. If you succeeded in getting her phone secretly, you would more probably encounter a phone password or an empty message inbox (if you rightly guess the password).

A few years back, people used to employ traditional monitoring to catch a cheating partner like secretly reading their messages and listening to calls.

Nowadays there are modern practices to track someone’s activities and one of those is the use of mobile phone monitoring apps. You can secretly monitor your partner’s activities without her knowing and even without accessing her phone.

The app keeps you updated with the mobile phone use of your partner and let you remotely monitor and control the device. All you need to do is to install the app on your girlfriend’s Android mobile phone.

How to Monitor Instant Messenger Chat on Android.

Monitor Instant Messenger Chat on Your Girlfriend Android

First, you need to choose a mobile monitoring app that is compatible with your girlfriend’s phone. Make sure you choose a feature-rich and reliable app that works with secrecy and never leaves clues of spying. TheOneSpy can be a great option to secretly track Android phone of your significant other. Purchase the Android spy app and download and install it on your girlfriend’s phone.

Upon purchase, you will be provided an authorized username and password to log into the online account of the spy app where all the information of the monitored phone is stored.

The Android tracking app access all the phone data including messages and call logs and uploads it to the online account. If you want to spy on your girlfriend’s messages, you do not need to access her phone because the app would automatically upload all the messages to your account.

If you particularly want to monitor the messages exchanged via instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, and Viber, simply log into the spy app account providing the credentials and you will have all the instant messenger chats in front of you.

You can read all the instant messages both exchanged with individuals or groups and read complete thread conversations. Meanwhile, you can track the photos, videos and audios shared via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, IMO, KIK, Telegram, Hike and other social media and instant messaging apps.

Moreover, the app provides you with call logs showing the history of audio and video calls received and made through the instant messengers.

You can know the call time, call duration and contact information of the caller/recipient. If your girlfriend is sharing romantic bonds with someone, the instant messenger spy app will help you discover the truth.

What Other Can You Monitor?


The Android spy app enables you to monitor all other information stored on the Android phone of your significant other. You can monitor her contacts, photos, videos, web browsing history, emails and almost everything available on her phone.

Also, you can know the location history of her with GPS location tracking and can view and listen to her surroundings. In short, the spy app facilitates you in numerous ways to monitor your loved ones using their mobile phone devices.