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Mature Dating Online – How to Spot Scammers

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Online mature dating sites have become a trusted way to meet new people and find romance. The problem here is the same as it is in all aspects of the dating world, there are going to be a few bad people out there looking to take advantage of you. A study from MatureHookup – “It is often the mature singles that are at most risk from scammers on mature dating sites, simply because the perception is that older folks may be a little less tech savvy, whilst also having more disposable income to give away to anyone who shows them a little love.” Dating site scammers can be a problem if you don’t know what to look for, which is why we have put together some tips to help you recognize them.

Mature Dating OnlineThe Younger Men&Women

One of the first things to keep an eye out for is undue attention from someone a good deal younger than you. This is not to suggest that a younger person can’t possibly be taken by your profile, but in many of the previous scamming cases, people posing as a beautiful young individual are the ones who tend to try and scam older members. One of the first things they will do after reeling you in is to try and get you to chat somewhere other than the dating site. They are well aware how quickly scammers are caught by online mature dating sites, which is why the try to lure you into chatting somewhere else.

Avoid Meeting in Person

Despite chatting with you on a regular basis and seemingly taking a great interest in your life, scammers will always try to find a way to avoid meeting in person. They either don’t live where they say they do or look nothing like their profile suggests. Their entire goal is to hook you in and take your money, and it is those reasons for not meeting that lead to that. Scammers will always end up talking about some family emergency that they cannot afford to take care of, which leads to them asking you for cash.

Located in Foreign Countries

Getting these people on the phone for a conversation is also tough, as they tend to stick to chat. Many of these scammers are located in foreign countries and do not have a good grasp of the English language. You can still spot them if you take the time to really examine their chat messages, as misuse of certain words and poor grammar are often common.

Google Their Profile Picture

One step that you can take before even getting involved with someone looking to connect through an online dating site is to study their profile picture. By that, we mean downloading it and running it through a reverse image search using a free tool such as Tin Eye. If you discover that the image comes from a site dedicated to stock photos as opposed to a social media site that matches up to the name of the person you are talking to, you will have found yourself a scammer. Be on the lookout for these little tells and don’t let yourself become a statistic for the wrong reason.