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Top Materials Used for Signs

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Signs are one of the best ways to draw the attention of people to your business. It can make your store, restaurant, company or any business area look professional, sharp and shiny. A new business or personal sign can help update the image for your business. These appear to be simple signage, ones that bear your business name and personalized with the logo and message of your business. These can make people find you, notice you more, respect you and get curious about what you have on offer for them. Find out about the top materials that a signage is usually made of.


These are popular for their rigidity and strength and are the possibly the most famous type of material used in making signage. Although this is a comparatively lightweight and thin material, it boasts of wonderful panel strength. You can get aluminum mainly in 5 types of thicknesses, although 3 of these are the commonest:

  • 0.040 gauges – These are small and thin, similar to the signage used by real estate businesses, and have a thickness of .040 gauges.
  • 0.080 gauges – These are for neighborhood stop signs and other street signage of a more robust variety, and are .080 gauges in total thickness.
  • 0.125 gauges – These are heavy-duty signs that are the strongest and thickest in form, similar to the construction site signage that is for hazardous materials. These have 0.125 gauge thickness.

If you want an outdoor sign material that never shatters, bows, warps or splits, you will find aluminum to be a top choice.


This is similar to aluminum but is slightly thicker in form. It gives an added dimension to the aluminum surface. The plastic core of Dibond offers extra depth without the additional weight. Its core gives the material 10 times more strength as compared to 0.40 gauges aluminum. You can have it cut to a desired size or shape and designed with vinyl or graphics of any color. It has extreme heat and cold resistance and this property make it perfect for making outdoor signs. It comes in roughly the same cost as aluminum.


Its core is thicker, similar to Dibond. Rather than a solid core, it consists of a plastic, ribbed or corrugated core within two aluminum sheets that are factory enameled. There is higher panel strength due to the hollow core. It is available in ½” and ¼” thicknesses, and is durable in form. The material is weatherproof, rigid and strong. You can customize the material with a full-colored design and edge-cap it to get a professional quality finish. This is a wonderful material for making an outdoor sign.

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Vinyl Banners

These make very strong banners due to the vinyl material is woven with nylon threading. It has outdoor banners of heavy-duty variety that have superior tolerance to various environmental conditions, such as hot weather extremes, bitter cold, and high winds. These can last outdoors for various seasons. Such kinds of outdoor banners are quite helpful for making temporary signs for new businesses. You can place a well-designed and full-colored outdoor banner in case you are unable to afford a permanent sign. These are also perfect for county festivals, sporting events, community fundraisers and more.


These are wonderful and elegant options for making signs. Dura-wood blends the classic and traditional aesthetics of wood with the versatility and convenience of vinyl. It mounts and feels similar to wood, but happens to act the best canvas for even full-colored artwork. You can find these in 4’x10′ panels and with a ½” thickness. The material can be cut exactly to the size of your choice or have it as panel if you want oversized signage.


After reading this article you must have understood that signs are very popular to enhance your business value because they are strong and weather-resistant and are highly affordable and look attractive. You can hang them outside your business place. There are so many signs manufacturers in Australia who can provide good quality signboards.