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Leukemia And Its Treatment In India

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Cancer as a disease

Cancer is the leading cause of death in this present world. Cancer is both genetic problem as well as systemic disorder. This disorder mainly happens due to the genetic mutation occurring with it. Genetic mutation are very much common in everyday life for every human being living in this world. Mutation can be positive and also negative in terms of the effect it imposes on the body. There are numerous mutation happening in our body at every second. Cancer genes are also present in the body of each and every people. However this is the beauty of the human body that in spite of the presence of such a dangerous entity inside the human body, the body is able to subside all of this problems and maintain them in a best possible manner so that they cannot affect us. However in some cases these mutations are the cause that instills changes in the genomic organization. This change cause the body to function in an abnormal way. Cancer is one of the result of this abnormal behavior of the body. Apart from cancer there are a lot of other diseases that is resultant of this abnormal mutation. However cancer is the worst case of this scenario.

Cancer: types and characteristics

Cancer is said to be one of the deadliest diseases that are present in this universe. It is totally agreeable to the characteristics and the properties it consists of. Cancer includes a lot of organs and the organelles to act upon. It has multiple types. From bone cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, throat cancer to colon cancer each of this types has different characteristics and each of these also has got a different way of treatment to be carried upon by the doctors or the cancer specialists who are also called as the oncologists. The doctors also use the way of surgery and also different other medication as a treatment method. The cancer is mainly caused due to the failure is the functionality of cell cycle and more precisely the cell cycle inhibitor. These inhibitors have a lot of other functions as well. Without them, the cells will grow in an unlimited manner. Cells always and the body needs them to be inappropriate number and excess in number will always cause the problem. Along with that cancer also has one of the main property called as the metastasis which helps cancer cells to get aggregated in a different portion of the body.


Leukemia is one of the most deadly cancer ever known. It is the cancer of the blood cells. Where the white blood cells or the WBC and the red blood cells or the RBCs mostly affected and resulted in an overproduction of those cells. These cells have the distinct function to play for the body.


Many hospitals and the institutes are engaged in the leukemia treatment in India. However truly and with the reports the leukemia is one of the worst case of cancer and hence its survival rate is also very less.

Treatment Method

Chemotherapy like all other cancer is one of the best ways to treat leukemia affected patients and recently a new technique of bone marrow transplantation has also been very much popular.