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Are Lab Coats Just for Doctors?

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Are Lab Coats Just for Doctors?

When we see someone wearing a white lab coat, we assume him/her a “doctor”. But what about professionals who are not doctors yet wear lab coats. Contrary to popular belief, lab coats can be worn by different individuals in different jobs or even as costumes or fashion wear. There wouldn’t be lab coats for sale on most retail sites if they were meant for a specific profession. Let’s find out the purposes and professions lab coats can be used for.

1.     Halloween Costumes

One of the coolest ways to put a lab coat to use is to turn it into a Halloween costume. A mad or a zombie scientist is quite scaring with the right makeup and accessories. How about a simpler take such as going “trick or treating” as Dexter. Lab coats are perfect for making into a Halloween costume; cut it up at the bottom and you have one fit for a child.

2.     Pharmacists

Pharmacists are required to wear formal lab coats while at work. While it may not make them a doctor, it signifies that they fall under the medicine umbrella. A lab coat separates them from the average shopper coming into the drug store.

3.     A Fashion Statement

No matter the profession a lab coat is worn for, it has become a fashion statement as well. With designer white coats meant for doctors and scientists, fashion has found its way into a serious line of work as well. But we can’t mock a person who has to wear a lab coat due to professional guidelines. Since doctors, scientists and pharmacists may find themselves spending entire days or nights in one, we can’t blame them for wanting to look good.

4.     Engineers

Yes, you read correct, engineers. A lab coat gives an aura of sophistication and professionalism. Engineers, mostly those who work in labs, are required to wear white lab coats as well. The main purpose is to prevent any spillage in labs. The white color is standard because most colors show up on white.

5.     Lab Technicians and Assistants

Lab technicians are underappreciated members of the scientific community who need to dress in white lab coats. They may be the anesthesiologist or a biologist. It indicates that the person wearing it is related to the chemistry, biology or medical field.

6.     Veterinarians

Animal doctors or vets, whether they work in a clinic or in the middle of the savannah, are required to wear lab coats as well. As I mentioned before, the purpose of lab coats originally was to protect the wearer from spillage or anything falling on them. With vets and dealing with animals, this includes bodily fluids and discharge etc.