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Know More About Biliary Stents And The Treatments Of Bile Duct Cancer

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The patients suffering from bile duct cancer have different types of treatments available and out of these treatments, some are standard whereas some others are still in clinical trials. Clinical trials are basically research that is being conducted in order to bring about certain treatments that are better and more improved than the present day treatments. After these clinical trials, if it is proved that the new treatment is better than the previous treatment, the standard treatment gets replaced by the new treatment which then becomes the standard treatment. As a patient, you might be interested in being a part of this clinical treatment. However, there are certain clinical treatments that can only be tried on patients whose treatments have not yet been started.

What is liver transplant?

In the case of a liver transplant, the liver is removed and it gets replaced by a liver of another person who is healthy and fit. This treatment is normally for those patients who are suffering from perihilar bile duct cancer. Till the time the patients are waiting for another liver, other required treatments are given.

Biliary stents are often used for treating bile duct cancer

When biliary stents are used for treating bile duct cancer, the main problem that is faced is that these stents often tend to get blocked. This normally happens because pancreatic cancer often grows through this stent and there are often times when bile develops in the biliary stent. In such circumstances, there are two things that can be done. The blockage that is caused can be removed and in the second case, there can be more stents that can be put in. If a duodenal stent is used, often it can get blocked by food and such time the stents might have to get replaced every three or four months. A number of biliary stent manufacturers available and you will be able to get these stents from one of them.

There are times when the stents go out of place

There are times when the stents often go out of place and in all such circumstances. The old stent is removed and it gets replaced by a new stent. If the stent goes out of place, it might cause fever and shivering and pain in the abdomen. The patient might also start suffering from the symptoms that he suffered before this stent was put in. In all such cases, it is always better to take the suggestion of the doctors. They might either suggest you take certain antibiotics or replace these stents.

The ERCP of the biliary stent might cause cancer

There are also cases where the ERCP of the biliary stent might lead to pancreatitis. If this happens, there are chances that you might experience pain in the tummy and severe back pain. In such cases, the best thing that you can do is taking in a lot of fluids and also resting. However, if you feel that these symptoms are more severe, it is always a better option to go to the hospital and get it treated. The biliary stent products suppliers often help you to get stents of the highest quality.