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Kaveri Trail Marathon- Interesting Facts You Need to Know

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India is not all about cricket. There are other sports which are quite popular throughout the country. When it comes to the marathon, Kaveri Trail Marathon Bangalore will always be named on the top of the list. Basically, it is the toughest marathon in the country. The trail of the marathon is really difficult and full of adventures. Once you touch the finish line, it will drain out the last drop of your energy. That’s why men and women need to take special training before taking part in this marathon. If someone plans to run this marathon, he/she has to train for a long time. Fitness is not the only thing you need to run through this trail. As the trail is dangerous, you have to be skilled and prepare strategies to win the race.

Know More about This Marathon

Kaveri Trail Marathon is the oldest marathon of this country. The route is difficult, but also one of the most beautiful routes in the country. This marathon had been started since 2007 and still going successfully in its 12th year. Initially, it was started with 170 runners, but now people from different parts of the country take part in this marathon. The venue of Kaveri Trail Marathon is Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary in Srirangapatna, Karnataka. You can run the entire marathon or go for a half-marathon. You can also participate in the 10K and 5K runs. This trail marathon is a 2-day event.

If you think you can win huge prize money by running this marathon, you will be disappointed. No prize money is given for running this marathon. Rather, the winners are awarded a winner’s medal, a winner certificate to honor their achievement and also a winner’s t-shirt. If you participate in the 5K run, you will get 1.30 hours to complete it while the time limit is 2 hours for running a 10K run. For half marathon, you will get 3.30 hours and for the entire marathon, you will get 7 hours. No manual timing is monitored in this race. All racers must wear timing cheap before starting their race and they have to keep it on them till the race ends. This cheap will record the time you will need to complete the race. The result will be calculated on the basis of the tracking result of these chips.

How to Collect the Racer Kit

After making the registration, the first thing you need to do is to collect your racer kit. To collect it, you have to follow certain guidelines-

  1. Each racer will be provided with one racer kit.
  2. The kit should be collected by the racer or by an authorized
  3. Your friend or family member can collect your racer kit only by showing your signed authorization letter.
  4. It has to be collected on the assigned as it won’t be distributed any other day than that.
  5. You need to bring certain documents to collect racer kit-
  • A photo ID proof
  • Confirmation mail/ form receipt of registration
  • Authorization letter, if someone else is collecting it for you

So, here you get certain information about Kaveri Trail Marathon Bangalore. If you are planning to be a part of it, prepare yourself for the big game.