The Justice League Trailer is out, Release date and reviews

The Justice League Trailer is out Release date and reviews

So finally the most awaited movie from DC is here The Justice League.

In The Justice League now DC is collaborating The wonder woman, the Aqua man, Berry Allen AKA The Flash, a Cyborg and of course The BAT Man.

The dialogues are simply awesome.

Barry Allen to batman: so what are your superpower again”
The BAT Man: I am rich ;)”

People are dying to watch the movie, so am I.


Star Cast of the justice League 2017:

we will see Gal Gadot as wonder woman (Diana Prince)
Bruce Wayne as Batman
Jason Mamoa Arthur Curry or Aquaman
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The flash

Probebly other charactors will be there like Iris West is playing by Kiersey Clemons.

Release date of Justice League 2017 DC comics:

Date:  17 November 2017 (USA)
For Most of you Flash would be the new. So here is the base story of The Flash.
Barry Allen wakes up after being struck by lightning. in series of 2014 “The Flash” Grant Gustin is playing the flash, and people just love him as flash.

Let’s see how much Ezra Miller will impress audience this time.

So here is the trailer, watch and share with your friends and family:


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