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Are you looking for Islamic canvas art for home? Searching online Islamic canvas art? This is among the emerging trendsin Islamic wall art. It is not unusual to find colourful Islamic calligraphy written or painted or printed on canvas. It is sold in art galleries and home décor stores, as well as in the online market. It is categorised as ‘modern’ Islamic art as it mostly involves application of digital technology for adding colours, changing size and printing on canvas. Even if it doesn’t involve the intervention technology, the use of canvas for calligraphy is a new concept, and is therefore, modern.

In traditional or classical Islamic wall art, Arabiccalligraphy is stitched with golden thread on black fabric, mostly silk or velvet. This golden-black blend is inspired by the hues of the fabric that drapes the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Another popular kind of traditional Islamic wall art is that of decorative wall carpets, mostly made in Turkey or India or Iran. These ornate wall carpets are densely filled with floral patterns and intricate borders on all four sides even as Islamic calligraphy takes up the middle section of the carpet.

These days, people are innovating in Islamic art with newmediums, materials and production techniques. Two new modern trends especially stand out. One, Islamic wall stickers or decals. These are big, economically-priced vinyl decals that can be pasted directly on to the surface of the wall without the need to frame them or drive a nail into for the purpose of hanging. They have a grand yet minimalist appearance, and the focus is on the text, without any distraction of colours or backgrounds.

The other interesting trend is Islamic calligraphy on canvas art. In this kind of art, colours and the artistic texture of the canvas are used to draw the attention of the onlooker to the work of art as well as the calligraphy written or painted on it.

Colours are used in wall decoration in order to brighten up our living and working spaces. The popular saying ‘add colour to your life’ suggests that one should live his or her life with a positive attitude and with energy. Many people paint the walls of their homes with a shade other than plain white. Generally, one wall of a room is painted in a hue other than white. The colour is mostly dark or bright to create contrast with the white all around.

Quite a number of artists and stores are using colours and canvases for Islamic calligraphy.Significantly, Islamic canvas art for home is an emerging home decoration category. It’s not rare these days for clients to buy onlineIslamic canvas art. Thecalligraphic artworks are made in variety of colours –green, blue, red, purple, pink, yellow, magenta, brown, etc. Some works have one colour, while others have many. The calligraphy is generally of a colour other than the colours of the backdrop. Even though colours are used, Islamic calligraphy still remains the mainstay of Islamic canvas art. Because when it comes to the art of calligraphy, the text is supreme while colours are only an attention-attracting aid.