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Is necessary to Download SHAREit APK to Install App?

Download SHAREit APK

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Is necessary to Download SHAREit APK to Install App?

Is necessary to Download SHAREit APK to Install App?

As the craze of the smartphones has increased exponentially, we now watch movies, TV shows, or play games on our handsets.

And while watching the multimedia contents or playing the video games, we wish to share it with our near and dear ones.

But in such cases, the main problem is that the contents generally come with a huge size which is almost impossible to transfer through Bluetooth or other connectivity options.

So to rescue you from such problems, Lenovo has launched a file transferring application which is fast, secure, and reliable and offers 40 times more speed than Bluetooth.

Folks, we are talking about the SHAREit application which is one of the most popular content sharing application of the recent times.

Is necessary to Download SHAREit APK to Install App?

There are many ways through which you can download SHAREit on Android smartphones, but we will suggest you install it through the APK file.

There are many advantages if you download SHAREit Apk file to install the application on your Android handsets.

The apk files occupy way less space than the original applications.

Moreover, the apk files are available in every country and region, where as the original application might not be available in your country.

Apart from that, the APK files get the updates before it gets rolled out to the original applications.

So, in this tutorial, we have explained how to install SHAREit on Android smartphones by downloading the SHAREit APK file, in layman’s language.

But before that, check out the features of SHAREit so that you get to know the advantages of installing this file transferring application on your device.

SHAREit Features

  • To download SHAREit you don’t have to spend a single buck.
  • This file transferring application offers 40 times more speed than Bluetooth or other connectivity options.
  • You can send files up to 5 persons at a time.
  • SHAREit supports different kinds of files like the multimedia files, GIFs, doc files, contacts and much more.
  • The application does not consume your mobile data to transfer files.
  • SHAREit works cross-platform.
  • This application can automatically sense another device with the same application installed on it.

Download SHAREit APK: Necessary Information

Version: 3.9.28_ww

Release Date: July 13, 2017

Size: 5.79MB

Required OS: Android v2.3 and above

Steps to Download SHAREit for Android Handset

Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to download and install this incredible file transferring application on your Android smartphones.

Step 1: Download the latest SHAREit APK file on your Android device from the internet.

Step 2: Then click on the Settings of your Android smartphone, tap the Security option. Now you will get to see the Unknown Sources option. Press the check box comes beside it.

Step 3: Next, head towards the File Manager or Download folder of your Android smartphone where you have saved the APK file and double click on the apk file. The installation process will start by itself.

Step 4: Lastly when the installation process gets done and dusted, restart your phone to use the file transferring app at the optimum level.

Wrap Up

As you know sharing is caring, download SHAREit apk and install the application today.

Meanwhile, if you come up with any challenge while downloading or installing the app, consult us for the solution.