India’s solar power capacity crosses 1000 megawatt

India’s solar power capacity crosses 1000 megawatt

India’s solar power capacity crosses 10000 MW.Yes, India has achieved a major milestone in solar power capacity addition .Cumulative solar capacity, including rooftop and off-grid segments, has crossed 10,000 MW in the nation.India is expected to become the world’s third biggest solar market next year,after china and united states of America.

“The pace of sector activity has picked up tremendously in the last two years because of strong government support and the increasing price competitiveness of solar power,” as per the report by Bridge to India, a global solar energy consulting firm.

Some key themes can be observed in the growth of the Indian solar market so far. Among the states, Tamil Nadu has the highest installed capacity, followed by Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. These seven states collectively accounted for more than 80 per cent of total installed capacity . Some of the larger power consuming states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are lagging behind in the sector.

India's solar power capacity crosses 1000 megawatt

The government is implementing several scheme for the promotion of solar power in the country.the government is aimed at  setting up of 1,00,000MW  of solar capacity by 2022. They have also issued guidelines for setting minimum of 25 solar parks each with a capacity of 500 MW and above throughout India.

The report said that the solar park scheme has also been instrumental in tackling the two major issues of land acquisition and power evacuation for project development.

The government originally considered developing 20,000 MW of solar park capacity by 2020, but the scheme has received an very good response from the private sector and the government is already planning to double this capacity to 40,000 MW. Further, eight green energy corridors are under construction, with financial assistance from German development bank KFW, to evacuate and integrate the growing share of renewable energy into the grid.

The average annual capacity addition of 8-10 GW per annum is expected from next year onwards.

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