The Golden Rules Of Operating A Bouncy Castle Business

The Golden Rules Of Operating A Bouncy Castle Business

If you are new into the bouncy castle business, you should be aware of its proper maintenance and operation rules at the very least to ensure a steady collection of revenue in the long run.

Primarily, there are only three golden rules of running a bouncy castle; and these are:

  • To ensure that the equipment is operated to perfection. This is inclusive of things like inflating the inflatable to the correct pressure, anchoring it from high winds, and so on.
  • To ensure that the equipment is manufactured without any manufacturing defect and is in a flawless working condition.
  • To ensure proper and thorough user supervision.

Now the three rules mentioned above constitute just the basics. There are a few more. Let’s go through them all now without any further ado.

  1. DO NOT overstress the inflatable beyond its limits

An inflatable castle comes with a limit on the number of people that can go on it at one and the same time. You just cannot put any number of people or kids on it and expect it to be in a flawless working condition.

The advice, therefore, is to respect its limits. Do not exceed the stated weight and all will be as fine as a feather.

  1. Use the blower in the right way

You must place the blower at least four feet away from your castle at the time of inflation.

And don’t forget to check whether there are any obstruction on the way or not. Obstructions, especially humans, can easily result in an injury.

  1. Don’t forget to check whether the inflatable comes with a valid “OK tested” certificate or not

Let’s be honest right here. You have just entered into the inflatable business and don’t have much experience of the matter. So naturally, it would be impossible for you to expertly judge the quality of an inflatable all by its feels and looks.

A valid test certificate, on the other hand, guarantees the fact that the quality of the inflatable is right up to the mark because it is supposedly tested by the professionals of the industry.

So always ensure that the inflatables that you are purchasing from the market for your business operations come with a valid “OK tested” certificate for your own business advantage.

  1. Always deflate the inflatable right after its use

As soon as the final session gets over, deflate the castle without any further ado to stop any sort of unsupervised access after completion.

  1. Never let the bouncers climb the walls of your castle

The bouncy castle walls are there to protect the bouncers from any accidental falls.

They aren’t designed to take weight because it is not their goal to do so. Unsupervised climbing of bouncy castle walls can only lead to accidents. So make sure they don’t do that at any possible cost.

  1. Never allow anyone to get onto the castle at the time of the deflation

Always make it a point of double checking the castle after the completion of the session to ensure no one’s inside before deflation.

That’s because bouncing on the castle at the time of deflation may result in uneven bounces, which, at the same time, can result in accidents. So why even take the chance? Better be safe than sorry.

A few worthy mentions…
  • Always ensure proper adult supervision at the time of the ongoing session, especially the ones involving children, in particular.
  • Don’t forget to place safety mats on the ground to prevent accidental falls, bruises, and cuts.
  • Never compromise on the quality of your inflatable. Always buy from reliable sources.
  • Never use inflatable in high winds. If you do, don’t forget to anchor the same at strategic anchor points.
  • Never allow people to go into your castle with sharp objects (such as glasses, cutlery, pen knife, etc.) or with their shoes on.


So that’s it then. We hope the rules mentioned above come in handy for your long-term business goals. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.


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