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How to Increase Your Cars Fuel Mileage in a Few Simple Steps

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Car's Fuel Milage How to Increase Your Cars Fuel Mileage in a Few Simple Steps As fuel prices continue to rise increasing the mileage of your vehicle is probably your best bet to keeping the bills down. how to Increase Your Cars Fuel.The following tips can help.

1. Properly inflate the tyres of the car

Properly inflated tyres can help in the reduction of fuel consumption by up to 3%.

Hence, it is recommended to professionally check on them at least once monthly (preferably weekly) to set them up in the best possible manner. Regarding the correct ways of inflating a tyre, you may refer to this wikiHow article, in particular.

Note: Having properly inflated tyres can also help in keeping tread wear at bay.

2. Tune up the engine properly
Turn up the EngineA properly tuned engine can contribute a lot in maximizing the power of the car and enhancing its fuel efficiency.

Also, beware that many car tuners may disable the efficiency measures of the engine while tuning it up for power. So keep a tab on that and ask the tuner to particularly refrain from doing so especially because you are tuning the car for fuel efficiency and not power.

3. Keep a special tab on the condition of your engine filter

A dirty filter can greatly reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle. It can also make the engine stall while the car’s in an ideal position.

So keep a particular tab on the filters of your engine and clean them up as soon as you notice them getting dirty.

4. Lighten the load

Weight can definitely play a major role in the loss of kinetic energy of the vehicle which, in turn, is linked to poor fuel economy.

Hence, we would recommend you to get the lightest possible car for serving all your daily conveyance needs.

5. Go for low-resistance compound tyres

These tyres can increase your fuel efficiency but only by a little. The difference is not startling. But hey; every penny counts; doesn’t it?

6. Drive responsibly
Drive Responsibly

  • Drive within the speed limit. You will lose more fuel for every 5mph you go over the prescribed speed limit.
  • Use the cruise control of your vehicle while driving on the highways.
  • If you are idling for more than 30 seconds, shut your car off.
  • Rotate your tyres when needed.
  • Practice smooth acceleration and gradual deceleration. If you go hard on the pedals, you go hard on your pocket. So decide wisely.
  • Drive your car in high gear. It can profoundly improve your car’s fuel efficiency.
  • Defensive driving is what you should practice for both you and your pocket’s safety.
  • Do not drive fast with your windows open. This practice can heavily decrease the aerodynamics of your vehicle on an open highway resulting in greater fuel consumption.
  • And finally, use high quality oil for the drive. Stick to popular brands irrespective of the price. Not doing so could hurt you more in the long run.

For more visual information on As fuel prices continue to raise fuel efficiency, refer to the following infographic, in particular.
Save Petrol
Source- Visually [Made by Plates4Less]

So that sums up the how to Increase Your Cars Fuel for now. Hope you had an enjoyable  read.