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How to improve body language

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Dear reader’s online magazine Getbigidea welcome you again, as I promised my next article will be about how to improve body language?

My previous article about what is body language? Is very popular among my friends some of the readers who really impressed with my article they appreciate and encourage me through comment box. If anyone else thought that my articles will help you then leave a feedback in a comment box.

Before I describe something about How to improve body language take a look on basic body gestures. Those who not aware of what is body language?  Just click to read.

Basic Body Gestures

how to improve body language

A gesture is the use of movements of the body, especially the hands to express certain meaning. There are some common gestures called basic body gestures that are common around the world. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. When men are happy they smile or laugh
  2. When they do not understand what is being talked to they simply shrug using palms, shoulders, and browse at a time.
  3. People with arms folded and legs crossed and bodies turned away are signaling that they are rejecting messages.
  4. When men are angry they frown or cry.
  5. Thumb up for those who traveling free lifting thumb means it is ok.
  6. When the thumb is lifted with a fish it is an insulting signal.
  7. Thumb up gesture in India means all is fine.
  8. If a child speaks a lie, he is quick to cover his mouth with hands.
  9. V sign: It is a sign of victory. It is said that the late Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Great Britain during the world war fathered it after the end of war.
  10. Exclamations – hand touching nose (wondering at a thing).
  11. Eyes open- Friendly.
  12. Face unwrinkled- friendly.
  13. Eyes squinty indicates unfriendly
  14. The face is down cast-unfriendly.
  15. Sweats: this may indicate an increase in some emotional feeling.
  16. A dilated pupil often indicates arousal or fear.
  17. Breaths fast and shallow- indicates the presence of emotion.
  18. Blinks more –may indicate an increase in some emotional feeling.
  19. Scratching to improve body language
  20. Rubbing the palms together- positive expectations communications.

If you want to know how to improve body language you need to focus on some factors which are mentioned below.

  1. The smile.
  2. Body size and shape.
  3. Head and Face gestures.
  4. Eye
  5. Hands- Arms- Palms
  6. Leg gestures
  7. Head nod and head shake
  8. Body pointers
  9. Love at first sight
  10. When person own
  11. Space
  12. Clothes- DRESS
  13. Hair care
  14. Smell
  15. Touch

1 How to improve body language by our Smile

how to improve body language

  •  Your smile is one of the strongest tools you have in meeting new people. It will help you appear warm, open, friendly and confident.
  • A smile is a curve which can set a lot if things straight. It is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
  • You require only 18 muscles to smile, but 64 muscles are used to frown. A Sanskrit proverb tells us that the smile that you send out returns to you.
  • Your smile is messengers of your good will it brightens the lives of all who see it.
  • To someone who has seen a dozen people frown, crawl or turn their fevers away your smile is like the SUN breaking through the clouds” Says Dale Carnegie.
  • Remember, smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in a business, and is the countersign of friends.
  • A smile is the best body language. It costs nothing but creates much.
  • There is a smile on this face means he must be in a happy mood. Generally, the pleasantness can be facially portrayed by smiling.
  • In the study of mouth behavior, more attention is paid to the smile than any other expressions.

According to British research team, there are nine separate smiles recorded. Three of them are found very common.

  1. simple smile
  2. Upper smile
  3. Broad smile

how to improve body language

1  Simple Smile

  • Teeth are unexpected. It is almost one smiling to himself. It is usually seen when a person is not participating in any outgoing activity.

2  Upper Smile

  • In this case, the upper incisors are exposed and there is generally eye to eye contact between the individuals.
  • It common with friends when they meet and is used as a greeting smile. Even children also use this to greet their parents.

3  Broad Smile

  •  It is commonly seen during play and is often associated with laughing. In this case, both upper and lower incisors are exposed and eye to eye contact seldom occurs.
  • Smiles are voluntary. One need not show teeth at all. Further, there are much more smiles like a fake smile, nervous smile; Hollywood smile etc. smiles reveal a lot.
  • The longest word in English is smiles. Because between first Sand the last S there is a mile! Better bring them nearer and smile.
  • A smile way to make a good first impression is to smile. A smile says “I like you, you make me happy. I am glad to see you.”
  • A baby’s smile is a treasure to its mother. Let the smile be a real smile that comes from within. Professor James V.
  •  Mcconnell a psychologist at the University of Michigan expressed’ his feelings about smile some time ago.
  • Tears and sell more effectively and to raise happier children.
  •  There’s much more information in a smile than in a frown that’s why encouragement is a much more effective than punishment.”
  • See, smile happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever

How to improve body language using Body Size and Shape

World’s Tallest man with Smallest man

Generally, persons are identified by their size and shape. Especially strangers when we meet we note their size and shape says whether they are tall or short, fat or thin, Usually people like taller persons. Who likes dwarfs?

At the University of Pittsburgh, men who were taller received average starting salaries 12.4 p.c higher than men who were under feet. John F. Kennedy. The former American president was taller than Nixon.

People who are taller stand erect. Give the appearance of height accompanied by the power. Height is a tower of strength.

That doesn’t mean that shorter people lack strength. Very short men also have power which they would have acquired.

They have to gain power Americans love the hero to be tall and handsome. After height comes. Overweight people are bulky.

They may be obese. They have excess body weight. We prefer height but not overweight. This weight decides the shape.

One-third of the adult population is estimated to be obese. Some people are obese while some are not.

Obese persons certainly are slow to grasp the realities of life, and are not self-disciplined they are fat; we feel because they just don’t care the shape of obese persons is awkward.

He is identified as fatty. A study has revealed certain facts about persons who are

  1. Soft, fat, around
  2. Muscular, athletic
  3. Tall, thin fragile weak

The soft, fat and round are fat, old short, old-fashioned, physically weak, ugly, talkative sympathetic, warm hearted, good natured, agreeable, dependent on others, trusting, greedy for affection, loving physical comfort, and eating.

The muscular, athletic are strong, youthful liking exercise, bold competitive, self-reliant tall and energetic.

Tall, thin and fragile are thin, young, tall, suspicious, tense, nervous, ambitious, stubborn, pessimistic inhibited, quiet, sensitive to pain, liking privacy and quiet.

Rest of basic body factor I will continue in next article how to improve body language by different body factors