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How to Downsize Your Belongings before Moving?

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We all know that downsizing is difficult, especially when most of the things have sentimental value for you. However, before you move to a new house, it is essential that you do the same. Trust me, when you will give way the things to someone who needs them, you will really feel good. Moreover, nothing can exceed the joy of living in a clutter-free house.

If you talk to your Fairfax Movers, even they will suggest you downsize. You can either sell them and use the money for the move, or simply give away! It all depends on you. It will also reduce your moving expenditure because lesser items mean lesser charges. A yard sale is a great idea to get rid of all the old junk that has been there in your house, with no purpose or use at all.

So, without any further delay, let me guide you through the process. Just keep scrolling down and you will come across ideas.

The first tip, which I want to give, is to sell large furniture and use the money to buy smaller ones, which you will actually be using. The master bed, where just the two of you sleep makes no sense at all. You can sell it through apps as well or just give it away. You must also consider selling your huge sofa, entertainment center, etc. Get sleeker ones with minimalistic designs that would be just perfect for your new house.

If the exercise bike or treadmill has turned into a clothes rack, then yes, my dear, you need to get rid of it as well. Trust me, if you were a fitness freak, you would have used it regularly.

Now coming to kitchen appliances – when was the last time you used the toaster? Do not keep it and clutter your new house! Just sell it. If there are other appliances, unmatching utensils, etc, then please get rid of them.

You should even consider selling your first car! I know it has got sentimental value – but be practical, it doesn’t work well anymore and has been to the repair center for a lot of times. You can get a good deal and use the money to use when decorating the new home.

Now, do you kill me for saying this, but keeping every Childhood Memorabilia is not that important. Just keep the most precious mementos and give away the rest.

That old book from college, the stacks of magazines, the old DVDs- you do not even take a look at them! They just sit there with a ton of cobwebs. Donate to the local library or sell them so that others can also read and listen to them. Trust me, you will feel fabulous.

Yes, documents are important things to hold on to but do not keep the papers that you didn’t use for the last two or three years. When it comes to bills, bank statements, etc, you can easily access them online. Hence, no need to carry them with you.

Decorations are useful, but not the ones which you haven’t used in the last three to four years. Sell or donate the bulkier decorations and trust me, it would actually reduce a lot of things you own.

So, before you hire a reliable Great Falls Moving Company, consider downsizing. It would help you in more ways than one. I suggest this to all people who ask me for tips for moving. Just make sure you do it right, and start early. Do not wait for the last moment.

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Author Bio: Charles, a regular blogger on Local Movers McLean, also writes on Fairfax Movers. To know about Great Falls Moving Company, read his articles and blogs.