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How To Disable Autoplay Of Videos In Facebook Newsfeed

You Can Disable Autoplay Video and Audio from facebook app, Here is the setting

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How to stop facebook Videos sound playing automatically, Here is the Solution.

Whether you are in love with Facebook or hate it. But the chances are you are using it Every single day.

How To Disable Autoplay Of Videos In Newsfeed

The new Facebook app’s feature is auto play video and sound. Believe me, it’s very very very annoying.

This auto video play setting is enabled by default, which means every video comes in your scrolling will play automatically.

Even if you don’t want to interact with video in any way.

You need to get them setting changed ASAP. Here is how you can stop auto playing video sound in Facebook app.

Here is How To Disable Autoplay Of Videos In Facebook Newsfeed:

1. Navigate the Menu icon in the top right corner of your app.
2. Click on App Setting
3. Disable “Videos In News Feed Start With Sound”
4. Repeat after every time you choose to watch a video with Sound.

Till step 3, it will allow you to browse Facebook feeds videos without sound.

The most annoying thing is step 4, you need to disable it every time you watch a video with sound. Means you need to disable it all over again.


Sounds creepy? yes, it is. Let us know your views on This extra awesome feature of Facebook App.