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How To Choose Your Energy Provider In 2018

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Energy service companies offer a variety of incentives, pricing models, payment options and other services designed to fit their needs. Communicate with several suppliers and compare offers before choosing the one that is best for you. If you choose to choose a Canada energy supplier, you must provide your 15-digit Con Edison account number to enroll.

Aspects About Prices


Energy is a public service that is bought and sold, so the price of electricity in Ontario can fluctuate. To know the prices of an individual energy services company, visit their website or call them.

Tips for choosing an energy services company

  1. Know how much energy you use:

For energy providers to plan their supply needs, they should know their energy consumption during the year. You can know this if you check your billing history in My Account.

  1. Obtain a list of suppliers:

Find the energy providers that provide services in your area.

  1. See how providers determine rates:

The New York State Public Service Commission offers advice on the competitive energy market.

  1. Take care of the environment:

Ask if the company provides green energy. Some alternative suppliers sell organic energy from wind, solar or hydroelectric plants. This option may have a higher cost than energy from traditional sources.


When you try Questions to ask

Choose Your Energy Provider

To get information to buy of Canada natural gas , do not hesitate to ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the answer, it’s your right!


  • Is the price fixed or variable?
  • If it is fixed, is it guaranteed?
  • Does the price include taxes?

Terms and Conditions:

What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?

Will they be provided in writing?

What is the term of the agreement?

Are there penalties for breaking the agreement?

Is a deposit required?

Can I change the price options later?

Is the agreement automatically renewed?

Are there additional charges not included in the price quote?

Customer Service:

  • What are the office hours?
  • What is the complaint handling process?
  • Are there free numbers to call?

Energy options:

  • Are there sources of ecological energy generation available, such as solar, wind or hydroelectric?
  • Find the right energy services company for you
  • Find energy providers in your area and know what services they offer.

Select your favorite company and check its history:


Be sure to choose an electricity provider with a clear plan that fits your needs. Also, make sure that your electricity supplier is a socially responsible company, respectful of the environment and ethical. That way you can be sure to bond with them.

You can perform a search on the internet to clarify your doubts.  Then, add the word “fraud”, “scam” or “complaints” to know if the company has a conflicting background before changing your electricity supplier.

A fixed or variable rate can make a huge difference in your monthly Canada energy savings. You can use the table below to compare the differences and decide which one is right for you.