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How to Arrange a Hookah Birthday Party?

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“To know about hookah birthday parties, kindly give this blog a quick read. Here are some useful tips and tricks for you”.

Celebrating a birthday in style is something everyone wants. If your birthday is knocking at the door, then start planning it right away! And unlike every time when you arrange barbeques, etc, why don’t you try something different this year?! What about a hookah birthday party? Trust me, it will be rocking.

Now you must be wondering – how to arrange such a party, right? Well, the first thing that you need to do in this case is to get in touch with the best hookah rentals New Jersey. You need to talk to them about the packages, the terms, and conditions, the charges, the accessories they will be providing, etc. If they can cater to your requirements, then only hire them because there are plenty of options out there.

You should also get a hookah specialist who can assist you and the guests during the entire party. The number of specialists you need would depend on the package you choose and the number of guests you would be inviting.

Trust me, there are various packages and you can choose according to your budget. Many people stay away from these party ideas because they think that the hookah party rentals NYC charge an exorbitant price. But this is a myth. You can actually get them at quite reasonable prices.

But yes, there are also a few other things which you need to pay heed to while arranging such a party.

For instance, you need to set the right atmosphere. Go for soft lighting, get low seating arrangement with bright pillows and use a lot of gold accents in places. And here are a few other things that you must know. Take a look.

Hookah Party Decorations

There are many hookah party decoration ideas that you can borrow for making the party more fun! You can use bright tents and canopies to boost the overall feel of the party. To create a cozy ambiance, you can mix low chairs and tables in the party area.

To add to the Arabic theme (since most people relate hookah to the Arabic theme), you can lay down red carpets at the entrance. This would ensure that everyone gets into the mood from the very beginning. It is extravagant and dramatic but definitely worth it.

If you are arranging the hookah birthday party at your house, then use jewel tones here and there to add up to the feel. You can use pictures or posters of Aladdin to add a hint of glamour and drama to the interiors. Hire or invest in a light that produces ambient lighting which reminds you of the henna lamps. Hanging glass lanterns throughout the rooms would also do.

Hookah Decorations

Once the hookah catering New Jersey delivers the hookahs, make sure you decorate them a little. You can use colorful lights to add some glitz and glam!

Hookah Party Music

Is there any party in this world which is complete without music? No, right? Then you need to research a bit and find out the music that would be apt for the setting of the party. But yes, do not play it too loud like a nightclub as this can ruin the purpose of a hookah party. If you ask me, then I would suggest you play some Arabic music.

Last but not the least; make sure that you choose the right flavors of the hookahs, the right quality of coals, etc because if these are not paid heed to, the party can actually fall apart!

And yes, this is just a guideline and not any thumb rules. You can, of course, play with the theme, show your creative side and add something more to the party. Now that you know it all, what are you waiting for? Arrange a fantastic hookah birthday party now!

Author Bio: Mia is a regular blogger on hookah rentals New Jersey. To know about hookah catering New Jersey or to choose the best hookah party rentals NYC, read her blogs.