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Best 5 Hidden Features in your Smartphone – Everyone Should Know

Hidden Features in your Smartphone

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Hidden Features in your Smartphone

There is no denying that smartphones have taken over the world by storm. Ever since the inception of the first iPhone from Apple in 2007, sales for this type of phone have skyrocketed in the following years.

Nowadays, there are over millions of smartphone users worldwide; and with a number of services available for various clientele, such as Unlock my Phone for those looking to use their mobile devices in foreign countries, there is no shortage of things to do with your smartphone.

Many of the smartphones purchased and owned come equipped with various features, some of which are what put them on the top in the first place. For instance, Apple introduced the one thing that earned them a place among pioneers: a touchscreen phone.

Android, on the other hand, introduced the first phone powered system known as ‘Sooner’, which in turn helped introduce the capability of sharing files between other mobile devices via email and other file sharing features.

Either way, both Apple and Samsung, as well as other companies that produce this variant of a smartphone, have all been in an intense competition to see who garners the most sales and the most followers.

Owning a smartphone can be rewarding and satisfying for many. The thought of being able to tinker with a gadget of your own while on-the-go is nothing short of liberating.

In fact, many owners of these kinds of phones have grown accustomed to the accompanying features of their smartphones, but many of them don’t know the various hidden features in their own smartphone.

Now that it has been said, it is no surprise that as you are reading this, you are looking at your own phone in surprise.

If you are wondering what those hidden features are, here are some of the well-known ones that have been shed the light it deserves:

Face Detection

Hidden Features in your Smartphone

This feature is applicable to some Android phones.

Having access to this feature is really simple as all you will need to do is go to your Settings > Security > Lock Screen Type > Face Detection.

Once you have your settings calibrated, then all you will need to do, should you wish to unlock your phone, is turn it on and angle your face in the right position and smile.

Turn Your Keyboard into a Trackpad

Hidden Features in your Smartphone

This is a feature exclusive to the latest Apple models. By simply holding on to a key on your keyboard, you will notice that your keys have disappeared, yet you are still able to scroll through your sentences and paragraphs.

With this feature, you won’t have to worry about squinting your eyes and putting your phone close to your face just to find the one sentence you wish to edit.

Activate Your Flashlight via Voice Command

Hidden Features in your Smartphone

In this feature, two worlds will combine the world of voice command and the world of the ever-famous ‘Boy-Who-Lived’, Harry Potter.

With regards to the former, all you will need to do is say two words: ‘OK Google’ (this feature is for Android by the way).

Now that you have Google opened, all you will need to do is say ‘Open Flashlight’ right? Nope. That is where Harry Potter comes in.

For this to work, all you will need to say (or rather cast) is the one incantation known in the series for bringing light: Lumos. To turn it off, just say its counter-spell: Nox.

Remote Shutter

Hidden Features in your Smartphone

For Apple users who wish to take a selfie but are faced with a hindrance in the form of headphones, don’t unplug it just yet. In fact, keep it plugged and once you take a picture, simply press the volume buttons for a quick and easy snap.

Key Takeaway

With the numerous phones available for you to choose from, who knows how many features are invisible to the naked eye? All it takes to find them is your keen attention and classic curiosity.