How Are Go4hosting Data Centers Better Than Other Companies?

How Are Go4hosting Data Centers Better Than Other Companies?

For people owning online businesses, it is crucial to choose a data center provider that is completely reliable without making you spend a fortune for availing its solutions.

In this regard, Go4hosting data centers are found to score way ahead of the rest. Maintaining private data center facilities may be beneficial but turns out to be huge drain on the finances because you have to buy hardware for storage and hire professionals to monitor them.

So, when you choose data centers like the Go4hosting data centers, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

You will not need to be anxious about maintaining your servers in another company’s rack space. Go4hosting will ensure that you get all colocation hosting facilities which you have signed up for, and that too at affordable prices.

Reasons to put your trust in Go4hosting data centers:

  • When you sign up for data center solutions with Go4hosting, you will see that the host offers you different kinds of flexible solutions in keeping with your budget limitations. You will get services of a highly qualified and experienced team of experts who are well-versed to cater to your specific business requirements.
  • With Go4hosting data centers you can also enjoy uninterrupted power supplies. They have multiple redundant power supplies for backups in case of outages. Their backup systems are also N+1 redundant and help to disseminate data over multiple servers in various locations to make sure there is no single point of failure.
  • Go4hosting also guarantee uninterrupted power connectivity through redundant backup power supplies, turbine and gas energy; their backup mechanisms are N+1 redundant. They distribute the important data across many servers in different places so as to avoid any one point of failure.
  • Sometimes, businesses tend to experience technical problems which the in-house IT staff cannot troubleshoot. This may affect the site performance, causing it to slow down. However, by signing up for Go4hosting data centers, you can rest knowing that all technical issues will be timely resolved so that you can focus on other important business issues. Their staff will carry out all necessary updates and upgrades, fix downtime issues and manages traffic seamlessly. This means that you own IT staff has enough time to handle on-site projects which can accelerate growth.
  • Go4hosting data centers are a great choice for companies because of their state-of-art architecture. These facilities are completely fault-resilient; they are secure and focus on increasing performance. They will adhere to rules and help clients save resources like funds. They ensure you can store large volumes of data; guarantee data availability and archiving, and on-demand scalability. This on-demand scalability will offer greater agility to companies and they will be provided with additional resources during traffic peaks.
  • Besides the state-of-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, Go4hosting data centers are well protected through a 6-layer security system. This offers additional protection and supported by many CCTV cameras for better surveillance on the premises. They will also offer round-the-clock supports for your business and keep you updated with recent trends in the colocation world. You should review their SLAs to be sure of their uptime guarantees.

Go4hosting data centers also offer carrier neutrality which means you get to select your telecom partner from a wide variety of carriers. The hardware they offer is of premium quality and companies can use their integrated IT structure for streamlining their tasks.

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