It’s been 10 years since Harvard Business audit had pointed towards the developing expertise deficiency in data science; and three years since a similar association broadcasted data scientists to be the “sexiest occupation”. Every one of these hypotheses were bolstered by numbers and certainties. The market hasn’t found any successful solution to this problem yet.

Despite many institutions offering data science certifications today, this skill gap has become a primary issue of concern.

Recently, LinkedIn has come up with its rundown of best aptitudes and factual investigation, data presentation and data mining among the main ten. Every one of these abilities fall under the data science space. The term data science has discovered presence through the merger of insights and software engineering. Both these subjects convey some significant weight, consequently the notoriety of information exploration of being one of the hardest subjects to ace.


If you have seen the best information science aptitudes – factual examination and data mining – they point all fingers towards SAS (Statistical Analysis System). SAS has been the pioneer and the most dependable programming suit in these orders. SAS has been successful in imposing business model for quite a long while until the entry of R and Python as powerful, open source contenders. The reality of the matter is that the development band of SAS would have been more extreme without the nearness of Python and R.

SAS is promptly accessible in both on the web and offline mediums. It is not very difficult to take in the rudiments; you can set aside your opportunity to take in every one of the complexities of this broadly utilitarian bit of innovation. What is important the most is the way that being an affirmed SAS administrator opens up the cream of the occupations for you while building up an unfaltering establishment to deal with and assemble a vocation.

Try not to stress, there are numerous vacant seats

By 2020, In the USA alone, a deficiency of 200,000 data researchers is anticipated. Although the request in data science is less in India for the most part because the market is not yet arranged to contribute vigorously on cutting edge examination, it is simply an issue of time. The worldwide interest for information researchers developed by 57% in the vicinity of 2014 and 2015 while the scans for the same expanded by 73%. The pattern is quite certain. Aside from the issue of lack of guaranteed information science work force there is additionally a matter of effectiveness. A considerable measure of information science candidates is roaming a result of the absence of results and a data science certification. This issue drives us to the following point –

Consider picking a course as a vocation itself

Nothing can enable you to survive unless you have awesome planning. Experience includes for a great deal however request to make the most of it, first you require preparing. This is the reason picking the correct organization and the appropriate course requests awesome significance. Before contributing your time and cash on a specific course, ensure the educational modules fulfills your requirements. The material should be all around focused and in accordance with the contemporary business situation. Data science plainly has a place with the upper request of information situated occupations and individuals with a data science certification – no big surprise it would be growing, and have no questions that your endeavors will be remunerated.

Narender Dhiman

Narender Dhiman is a content writing intern at Getbigidea. Narender has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes.

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  1. True that Data Science is creating a competitive edge in today’s scenario and SAS is the leader in providing the cutting-edge knowledge. There are other online service providers like Coursera, SimpliLearn and Data Science Council of America which gives Certification Courses in Big Data and Data Science areas.

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